Thursday, 31 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman

(Blogger’s NOTE: My brother Erwin just forwarded this article to me recently through my email, and I supposed this may also serve helpful to all who might have soaked themselves with so much doing and work that they forget to take some fresh air and relax. Our body is not a mechanical device that could probably be repaired when hitched, so be very careful and give yourself a nice healthy break. Read the article and start to re-organise. My apologies and thanks to the original author, I simply believe that this information could help and enlighten more people who are so obsessed with work and could not spare themselves with the right amount of sleep.)

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Thursday, 24 March 2011


(photo from yahoo images)
by Earlie Doriman
Annoyed over unconstructive tweets stormed at his twitter account, the best pound for pound boxer of the world succumbed to his first knock out defeat in the hands of anonymous haters online. Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino pride, a credible politician, and the greatest sports hero of the Philippines, adored by millions of people around the world, was unfortunately beaten to shame by his own people with malicious messages and deleterious criticisms at the social network twitter.

It is so unimaginable that in spite of Pacman’s honour and credit given to the country, there are many mal-educated people who,out of envy and insecurity, enjoy maligning his reputation as if he had committed grave offence. Whilst it is a fact that Manny Pacquiao has weaknesses as a person, his political will is genuine and only aimed at helping his constituents and compatriots. Yet the barrage of belittling is absolutely uncalled for especially that Manny has done better than most of his colleagues in congress.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
If I get one diamond, I would definitely give it to my wife as a gift on our wedding anniversary. That precious stone is worth forever and thus would mean so much to a very important person. But who throws diamonds anyway! Isn’t it crazy to waste something so precious and rare in this world?

For one, I am not talking about diamonds from Africa that became the subject of the 2006 movie ‘Blood Diamond’. It is not the diamond commonly called ‘conflict diamonds’ which are mined in war torn Angola and Sierra Leone. Nor it is the diamond that Kanye West referred to in his politically inspired rap song. I am simply talking about the diamond that is within us. I am talking about that very precious individual who, by the way, would not stay forever but would sooner or later leave a lasting legacy.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
The London 2012 Olympics carries the challenge to surpass Beijing’s spectacular hosting of 2008. The construction of Olympic venues scattered all over London is going on round the clock. Few are nearly finished whilst some venues will use historic facilities to promote the rich history of London and Great Britain in general.
London 2012 Olympics Logo
( Photo from Yahoo Images)

This biggest sporting event of the world will officially start on July 27 2012. It can be remembered, that London won the bid to host the Summer Olympics against Paris in 2005 after hurdling three other great cities of Moscow, New York, and Madrid. From then on, the Olympic Committee of UK has worked and managed hard to make the country’s hosting not only successful but also memorable. But, as the opening date draws closer, some problems begin to emerge. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

OF FAITH and REPENTANCE: A Lenten Reflection

by Earlie Doriman
I have been brought up to a strong Christian faith and I believed that Jesus suffered and died for the sinfulness of humankind. As a believer, I know that I have a contribution to his death, being a sinner myself.

As a child I was taught to stay away from sins, pray everyday, be polite to the elders, respect parents and others, go to church every Sunday, do not steal, share what you have, read the bible, say the angelus, and many other sort of religious obligations attached to a Christian way of life. My religion teachers in my primary and secondary years taught me to memorize many prayers, which fortunately, some are still residing in my memory cells. The biblical stories and the parables that have further influenced my belief, have given so much foundation to my religious conviction. Yet, I am still a sinner and I continue to sin every day.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
It was a dream realized to find myself two-meters away from Pope Benedict XVI. I do not call it an ordinary day because that day I felt someone so close to my life has descended from above and bring forth that unexplainable joy. It was very comforting and warm, although he did not know me at all but my emotions were overflowing with satisfaction and had somehow resonated so deeply into my being. Then I realized I was teary-eyed.  At last, I meet the Pope.
I grew up in a home where the Pope’s picture is one you could find in a typical Filipino house’s prayer place. When Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines in 1981, I do not know if I truly understood the passion to see him. I was just seven then, I was only able to listen to him over our old AC/DC radio component. I could hear people shouting with joy and reverence, as the Pope spoke very softly and compassionately. He was one of the most important figures, if not the most adored pontificate, of the Roman Catholic Church.

Growing up with his name a part of our prayers of the faithful, I learned to wish to see him face-to-face. In my young mind, I knew the Pope was so far away and I could not even imagine any possibility to meeting him. If I was left with a single ray of hope, it eventually died upon his death in 2005.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
How could one be so mean and rude when everybody else is so disheartened about the shattering earthquake and tsunami in Japan? For a man with the right brain cells and whose sanity is normally functional, humour and offensive jokes for the sake of a comic relief is never acceptable. It is an utter disrespect and absolutely intolerable. Not in this enlightened world.
Going over the scenes of destruction and loss of lives in one of the most influential and powerful nations of the world, is not just depressing but also frightening. 

To imagine those who drowned alive, helpless, and vulnerable makes the misfortune even more poignant. But here comes the man who thought he could make a difference by throwing humour around the misery of thousands or millions of Japanese. Take it from Gilbert Gottfried ( Got fired?)


by Earlie Doriman
I did mention about Matthew’s impressive memory function at his age. Whilst he enjoys listening to music, he easily remembers the song and the singer. He loves the music of Justin Beiber and Bruno Mars and when he sings; it is always blended with a modest dancing and emulating facial expressions. His interests are wide and diverse, before going to bed; he demands a story from his Bible book.

Just recently, we introduced to him familiar names in politics. If you ask why politics of all the many other sensible topics, my honest answer would be: That is what he sees every time we watch news channels and he would constantly ask ‘Who is that’. So we sensed his enthusiasm to people. By now, he could easily say the names of the UK’s Prime Minister, President of the USA, President of Libya, Prime Minister of Japan, Deputy Prime Minister of UK, the President and Vice President of the Philippines.
We tried to ask him these names at random to find out if he only memorized them through sequential pattern, but excitingly he could answer correctly in however order we do it. We were so thrilled one time when his mummy asked him ‘Who is the President of the United States’ and he enquired back ‘ of America mum?’. That might not be an intelligent query but the fact that he is so particular at details is marvellous.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
One day I found myself reading for another time a book of the same title ‘How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have’ by John Gray, who by the way introduced the world the more arguable ‘Men are from Mars: Women are from Venus’. It is a stimulating work of mind and emotion, and it continues to inspire me until now.

So how do you get what you want in your life? What aspect of your life now do you feel happier than before? Is it your career you consider too promising you could not possibly afford to let go of? It maybe your married life that has transformed you into an optimistic and constructive person. Is it your ‘new-found’ relationship that offers you heaven and bed of roses, which makes life complete? Or a recovery from a long illness that has changed your outlook about life’s happiness. Perhaps, you are content with the simple blessings that come your way every single day and you feel like you don’t want for more.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Carlo Slim Helu, Forbes Magazine's Wealthiest Man
(photo from yahoo images)

by Earlie Doriman
Exactly, that’s a line from the hit song ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy. Like how it is implied, many wished to be billionaires and experience the life of luxury, where you can fly your own jet to places you want, buy anything you want, build massive mansions as long as you want, buy the most expensive cars you fancy, please yourself as much as you want and live a life where you could not have any worries but how to spend your money.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Two- year old Matthew
by Earlie Doriman
My two-year-old son Matthew amazes me everyday with his new phrases and jargon.  He is learning very quickly and his memory is just impressive at his age.  His grasp of both English and our native language is noteworthy, and he can express himself clearly than other children his age.  Well, I am his dad, and tendency for parents is to be overly proud of their children.  However, I am not exaggerating what I actually observe from my little boy.  It would be too immodest to say that he has the early signs of giftedness, yet no one could impede me to feel immense bliss and delight about my son.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
The shocking suicide incident carried out by former AFP Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes, still makes headlines over televisions and newspapers.  It is but a distressing fact that his family and the Filipino people are both suspending upon a losing situation.  He left his loved ones with a vacuum of hope, and the country a missing link to the ongoing investigation of the alleged massive corruption within the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Whatever his reasons in taking his own life, is a question that we could not answer but only speculate.


Just not what I used to do everyday, waking up 2AM and prepared myself for a long trip to England’s central city. I was heading for London not for a holiday but for a very necessary appointment at the office of the Philippine Embassy. It was exactly 4 in the morning when the wheels of the Megabus started to go round and off the four hours journey began.
Philippine Embassy, London

What is good about travelling so early in the morning is that you would not notice how time flutters especially if all you do is sit and sleep through out, though your bum starts to feel burning that give a little discomfort.


From about 6.5 thousand miles, Josh West, a London Bus Driver, travelled around 18 hours going to Manila to see what it’s like to be an ordinary jeepney driver and experience one of the most shocking and dangerous conditions of the planet.

Philippine Jeepneys: A hybrid of the American World War 2 vehicle
Manila, the world’s most densely populated city, in the eyes of an innocent Londoner who cross thousand of miles, dropped for ten days the comfort and convenience of his work and braved the chaos streets of the Philippines capital city.