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Carlo Slim Helu, Forbes Magazine's Wealthiest Man
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by Earlie Doriman
Exactly, that’s a line from the hit song ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy. Like how it is implied, many wished to be billionaires and experience the life of luxury, where you can fly your own jet to places you want, buy anything you want, build massive mansions as long as you want, buy the most expensive cars you fancy, please yourself as much as you want and live a life where you could not have any worries but how to spend your money.

Isn’t that amazing?

But you would surely know you spent them all when you open your eyes and get back to reality. Nothing is wrong about dreaming. It lightens life, it takes us a trip far and wide, at times it helps us forget problems that cause a frown, and most importantly dreaming keeps us truly human. And by the way, the ball is round.

Do not tell me that it is unfair because nothing is fair in this world. The wealthy gets wealthier, and the poor gets even poorer. That’s how it is. That is how we should recognize our very commercially brainwashed, capitalistic, and money-orientated world.
Would it be different if you were the billionaire? Would you give your wealth to the poor and afford to live a simple life? Would you rather make a difference?

Just keep on dreaming though. There is no tag price for that. Let us just wish in our dreams, we can be any one these Forbes Top Billionaires of the world.

CARLOS SLIM HELU. Currently regarded as the world’s wealthiest man. His asset ballooned from $20.5bn to $74bn. He is a Mexican business mogul and humanitarian whose name is always included in the Forbes magazine. He is the chairman and CEO of telecommunications companies TELMEX and AMERICAN MOVIL plus extensive holdings in other Mexican companies.

BILL GATES. Already a household name which can easily be associated to MICROSOFT. He held the top position for so long in the past reviews but has slipped to the second place with a grand wealth of $56.0bn.

WARREN BUFFETT. He is regarded as one of the most successful investors of the world. He is the chairman and CEO of BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY. He is well known the philosophy of frugality despite his massive wealth. Ranked third this year, Buffett is a generous philanthropist and benefactor to charitable institutions.

MARK ZUCKERBERG. Got his riches from the global explosion of FACEBOOK. Being one of its founders, he amassed so much wealth that he is now considered as one of the youngest billionaires.

EDUARDO SAVERIN. Together with Mr Zuckerberg, this Brazilian-American computer entrepreneur rise to the ranks of the rich and famous because of FACEBOOK. It is not revealed however how much he owns of the company but it is estimated to be close to $3.0bn at the start of 2011. 

DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ. He is considered to be the youngest billionaire of the list. This American entrepreneur is reported to have a 6 percent share of FACEBOOK inflating more his asset to more than $2.0 bn.

SEAN PARKER. This young billionaire is amongst the fortunate team member of FACEBOOK makers. But before this feat, he is already a successful American Internet technology and businessman. He is also a co-founder of NAPSTER, PLAXO, and CAUSES. 

YURI MILNER. Born from a Jewish family in Moscow, Russia, he is destined to be a success in his field. He started young as business venture capitalist and founded DIGITAL SKY TECHNOLOGIES (DST). He is a stockholder of the familiar social networking sites like FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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