The Author

My name is Earlie Doriman, 38years. Married to Ma Leah Doriman, a father of two boys named Matthew Earl and Thomas Miguel. I used to work as a university professor in the Philippines teaching Mathematics and Physics. In 2007, I followed my wife who works as a Nurse in the United Kingdom. Presently, I am working as a Science Technician in a public high school in Greater Manchester, UK. My present work is quite challenging, because it requires one to know the basic secondary science subjects namely: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Since I taught in a university for nearly 11 years, a school environment is not a strange place to me, needless to say the students.

Writing is one of the things that I like to do. Different topics always provide me avenues to become a versatile writer, so I don't say NO to anything that needs my humble ideas and thoughts. I am keen to write features, news, opinions, and poems.

What inspired me really to start a blog page is the idea that one could learn so many things by reaching out to people who are actually connected around the world 24/7. Sharing experiences and appreciating what others have achieved, making oneself closer to family and friends who maybe are miles away, creating links between cultures, and promoting a positive environment of online interaction.

Please feel free to ask questions if you think you deserve to know me better.

Thank you and CHEERS to all the bloggers around the world.