Friday, 11 May 2012


by Earlie Doriman
In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated every fourth Sunday of Lent. Traditionally, it is a time when children pay respect to their mothers by giving them gifts, cards, or flowers. Mothering Sunday is actually Mother’s Day in other countries. Although not celebrated at the same time around the world, Mother's day remembers the great courage and extraordinary love of all the mothers, from the moment they conceived a child to the painful experience of labour, their love never changed.

This year, here in England, this special day falls on April 3. The celebration is also known ‘Refreshment Sunday’ or Pudding Pie Sunday. To the devoted Christians, whilst the observance of fasting is religiously followed, Mothering Sunday provides a bit of a pause from the rule in respect to the ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’, a familiar biblical account. To me, Mother’s Day is more than an ordinary celebration. It is remembering and expressing gratitude to all the moms in the world.  It is through them, through their care, through their own life and soul, through their unconditional love, that we too are able to celebrate life.

We do have different mothers. We were brought up in diverse ways and experience their love as they share it to us in their own uniqueness. They are our genuine heroes that for nine long months, they become our shield and our home, our spirit and soul. There is indeed more than a million reasons to say thank you and celebrate Mother’s Day.

To our 'Nanay' who has been so wonderful throughout the years, words may not be enough to tell you how much we appreciate everything but God knows how grateful and thankful we are for giving us a mum like you.

To my wife, my inspiration and my life, thank you for sharing your heart and soul and for giving me two precious children. Happy Mother's Day. 

Let me share this poem which I wrote when my eldest son Matthew was still in her mother’s womb. My wife being a very wonderful mother too to our two children, equally deserves the sweetest gratitude for mothers around the world.


It’s funny to ask you my little one
These questions I grope in mind
But allow me to know it though
And pardon me if I’m a baby too

When your Mama takes her vitamins?
How does it reach to you?
Or when she guzzles a lot of rice
Do you find it nice?

When Mama drinks her morning milk?
Does that provide you a fine clench?
Or when she tries to sip soda
Are you bothered about the cola?

The chocolates that she likes to bite
Do they deliver you a strike?
Or probably you like them much
Since you don’t give a complaining spank

I suppose you love the bread, the butter, and yogurts
Fish and chips too, or some chicken and pork,
Most likely ice cream, crisps, and bits of nuts
Just like your mother, no exemptions or buts

Do you like strawberries, the cherries, and apples?
Your Mama chomps them fresh and pure
Yet yellow banana is what she likes more
The nutrient’s whole but potassium makes it full

How about the music that she loves to listen
Does it offer you a harmony to swing?
How about the songs that she never sings
Could you ever tell me how you adore them

These my little one are the queries in my mind
And you might not answer them with expectant smile
One thing I am certain with you inside
Your Mama loves you so much, no ifs and no buts


  1. What a sweet poem you wrote when your wife was pregnant with Matthew! I didn't know about "Mothering Sunday." Back in Europe, Mother's Day is March 8th - it's actually an international mother's day that is recognized, if I'm not mistaken, by the UN. (By the way, I would love to follow your blog, but my blog is with word press, not google, so I have no idea how to follow your blog; I believe only google bloggers can do this, am I right?).

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your message. Mothering Sunday in the UK is every fourth Sunday of Lent. It is the Mother's Day celebration along with two other countries namely Ireland and Nigeria. Most European countries don't actually have a Mother's Day but they celebrate International Women's day on March 8 that serves eventually as their Mother's day like Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, Albania, and others. Most countries around the world celebrate Mother's Day on May, while the Islamic countries celebrate it on the birthday of the daughter of Prophet Muhammad which is March 21. Mother's day celebration in other countries have certain significance to their religion and history so they celebrate it outside of the common dates i have mentioned above.
    Anyways,since its Mother's day here on Sunday, let me greet you a happy mother's day.