Sunday, 13 February 2011


Football has become the latest craze in Philippine sports and obviously, the Filipinos succumb to the passion in just a matter of months.  It could not be refuted that Pinoys are natural lovers of sports. What is so amazing though is that the interest towards football came so swiftly and robustly and fanatics have quickly grown in numbers. 

Friday, 11 February 2011


By Earlie Doriman

I still believe there is hope for our country. Whilst this massive corruption alarm, allegedly consummated by these high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), I nonetheless trust with conviction that someday the ordinary Filipino people will find justice and integrity in this broken nation. Tall order indeed!

Many of us are fuming with disbelief and exasperation about the expose’ of the former AFP Budget Officer George Rabusa and Lt. Colonel Antonio Lim regarding the reprehensible corruption within the AFP.  I find it too atrocious for these generals to live in immense wealth whilst the ordinary soldiers are risking their lives in the battlefield, so uncertain if they could still get back home alive,


She maybe small but she is definitely a giant in moral principle. An ordinary COA (Commission on Audit) auditor with extraordinary task. And that particular task made her life, career, family, and principle, put into a stringent ordeal. Yet, she stands tough, sensible and a fighter amidst threats of her life, and future. She maybe a woman but she is fearless to tell the truth even to the point when her colleagues turn their backs on her.
We need many Heidi Mendozas in these times when we struggle to obtain genuine liberation from the perils of corruption. We need truthful voices from people


by Earlie Doriman
Davao People's Park
I am home and away. In my silent moments, I just could not help myself longing for home. The simple life, family, the friendly people, friends, the genuine laughter, the family gathering, the food, the sand, the sea and sun, the karaoke, are barely few of those panoramas, which remind me that there is indeed better reason to come home. Life is so different when you work and live in a land you could never call your own.  And I say this time after time, there is no better place on Earth other than my native land.