Friday, 11 February 2011


By Earlie Doriman

I still believe there is hope for our country. Whilst this massive corruption alarm, allegedly consummated by these high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), I nonetheless trust with conviction that someday the ordinary Filipino people will find justice and integrity in this broken nation. Tall order indeed!

Many of us are fuming with disbelief and exasperation about the expose’ of the former AFP Budget Officer George Rabusa and Lt. Colonel Antonio Lim regarding the reprehensible corruption within the AFP.  I find it too atrocious for these generals to live in immense wealth whilst the ordinary soldiers are risking their lives in the battlefield, so uncertain if they could still get back home alive,
and moreover, unsure if their respective families would have enough food on the table. I felt terribly enraged looking at the faces of these dishonourable officials randomly emerging over the telly and continue to insist innocence of corruption. So shameful that they do not deserve any pinch of respect from anyone, and in the same fold are their respective wives who callously spend government money for their personal leisure and expensive holidays. An absolute DISGRACE on these PARASITES!

We have enough of the disguising evils in our country, the main reason why progress and economic prosperity remain a daydream. However, there are still few good men who remain steadfast in fighting corruption even to the detriment of their lives and families. The ‘rare blood’ as I call them, provides us the inspiration to continue hoping against the worst form of wicked doing that in many years now, does not only consume our government but most particularly traumatized the future of our country.
The forefront expose by Mr Rabusa and Mr Lim conveys us one constructive indication, that honest individuals are still around  and could faithfully safeguard our dream of a better Philippines. Their show of audacity is so remarkable considering that they are fighting against some of the supposed pillars of the AFP organisation, and so indeed, they deserve our solid support and defence.
I personally admire the courage of Mr Rabusa and Mr Lim, that in spite of the pressures and the danger, they unwaveringly do what in their faith is the right thing to do. Mr Rabusa may fall short in his account of all the figures involved but you can tell when one is telling the truth. And I know that they are telling what the Filipino people should know. By common sense and instinct, you would know that a person is lying by directly associating the consistency and spontaneity of his words, and by way he describes events through the natural flow of his mind. They are examples of the few good men who could change the blemished image of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Few people doing their share could not obtain the fight for honest governance, it must be a concerted struggle and everybody should put forward every possible safeguard to protect and support the whistle blowers.  In our little own way, we can make a difference too by simply being honest in our workplace.

(As of this writing, it is reported that the Former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes died of gunshot wound on his chest  and is theorized as a suicide. My condolences to his family and loved ones)

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