Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Millions of people around the globe have found social networking sites attractive and relaxing. Nowadays, most computer users spend much of their internet time either chatting or exchanging messages through these media. And honestly speaking I am a big fan of Facebook because I find it easy, practical, and entertaining. With Facebook, I am able to create a channel to my long lost friends, relatives, family, and classmates from many years back. And if one wants some challenges, games are also available for you to enjoy. BUT BE CAREFUL, computer worms don’t get terminated, they only evolve and modify themselves into various disguises to be hardly suspected.

Friday, 11 December 2009


Let me start by saying that I am not exaggerating  but what is so pleasant about us, Dabawenyos (syempre apil gyud ko kay Dabawenyo man kong dako) is that at Election times, we know how to choose the best leaders in our city. We understand the needs, and we translate our vision into responsible casting of ballots by writing the names of those who could carry out the task properly. We vote for credibility and not for money.

For three consecutive terms, our choice to put Rodrigo Duterte in the proud City Hall of Davao is more than just our best resolution, it is the perfect option and we draw a very good portrait of history in this part of the country.

In the May 2010 elections, and since Rody ‘Digong’ Duterte has completed his three terms, the father bequeathed this responsibility to the daughter in the person of ‘Inday’ Sara. Equally tough and strong leader as manifested in her performance as the vice mayor of Davao, Sara Duterte will carry on the program of government and the strict implementation of the laws to secure peace and prosperity in the city.

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Sara has been very progressive in her approach of administration and like his father, she is too a no-nonsense official who does her job to the full service of the Dabawenyos.  The father and daughter tandem is unquestionably formidable then.
As the election time is moving swiftly, the opponents are trying to attack using campaign tactics shadowing traditional politics. The TRAPOS are once again in full force to offer empty promises.  But I am very convinced that the Dabawenyos are wise voters as they have been in the past. We would not allow any hypocrite politician to destroy the image of this beautiful city.  I don’t care on the Commission on Human Rights investigation on summary killings, neither I care about the shadowy Davao Death Squad, because what I know is that I feel very safe walking around anywhere in Davao than at any other place in the Philippines. Davao is my home and I am forever be a proud Dabawenyo.

The beauty of Pearl Farm corresponds to the serene and progressive life of Davao City.(photo by Bopip)


By Earlie Doriman

I am honestly exasperated when someone asked me about the recent massacre in Maguindanao and would insist that Mindanao is certainly a dangerous place to go.  So annoying indeed when people give out a conclusion on something they don’t exactly know about or at least exert considerable efforts to read as regards to it, to get a logical picture of the whole thing.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Davao City today is thousands of miles different from what it used to be in the late 70’s until the mid 80’s.

As a matter of fact, the city was shortly considered the Nicaragua of the Philippines in the 80's(Nicaragdao as a reference to barangay Agdao) due to lawlessness and hostilities.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


It is certainly not unusual but indisputably a commanding strength. The tandem of a father and daughter is exceptionally formidable. In fact, having one Duterte in the City Hall has proven more than competence and political will, and having two of them provide a public service twice the quality and effectiveness.

And why not? The father-daughter leadership of Davao City is a perfect portrait of effective and responsible governance. Dabawenyos do not only enjoy the result of the Rody-Sara headship but also take pride and confidence to live in the most peaceful city in the Philippines.
As the local elections move closer, and the game of politics is taking the limelight, so are Duterte’s detractors. But tough leaders like Sara and Rody are definitely non traditional politicians who would go down to the level of their critics. For the father and daughter who make Davao City different from the rest of the country, election is just a confirmation of their commitment of genuine public service and truthful administration.  More than anybody else, the Dabawenyos know what is good for the city and discern who are best enough to lead and oversee this land of promise.

As the people of Davao have always been intelligent voters in the past, the coming May 2010 elections would once again prove that Dabawenyos want no less than a responsible government and a city where the streets and a home are equally safe places to be.
Davao City is never the same place without the command of Rody Duterte.  One of the most noted achievements of Duterte’s administration is the able maintenance of Peace and Order.  Since the time he became the highest public authority of the city, Davao has transformed into a haven for all people who either live or visit this beautiful southern metropolis.  The number of street crimes and criminals, have particularly gone down due to his no-nonsense policies and consistent implementation of laws.

More than that, the city government is able to concretise all its program and priority thrusts in social services, housing, livelihood, agriculture, technology, environment, health services, infrastructures, and education, providing Davaoenos the satisfaction of quality living. Mayor Duterte is not just a politician, he is like a father to his constituents who look after their welfare and safety.