Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Millions of people around the globe have found social networking sites attractive and relaxing. Nowadays, most computer users spend much of their internet time either chatting or exchanging messages through these media. And honestly speaking I am a big fan of Facebook because I find it easy, practical, and entertaining. With Facebook, I am able to create a channel to my long lost friends, relatives, family, and classmates from many years back. And if one wants some challenges, games are also available for you to enjoy. BUT BE CAREFUL, computer worms don’t get terminated, they only evolve and modify themselves into various disguises to be hardly suspected.

Internet addicts and fanatics are advised to be very careful in using FACEBOOK because of the latest computer virus that is out and attacks popular social networking sites. Koobface virus, which was originally detected in December 2008 and eventually appeared in March 2009, conceals itself like an attractive greetings video which is hosted by popular YouTube link. Once the link is clicked, it entices the user to join manually in making a new Facebook account and in the process spreads the virus uncontrollably. It could easily fool victims since an increasing number of internet users tend to send electronic cards at this Christmas season.

According to SKY NEWS report, “ The attacks work by posting malicious links on Facebook wall pages, inviting users to click on the Christmas card videos. However, any attempt to play the video turns over control of the PC to the attackers. The victim then sees a warning message, requiring them to solve a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart) puzzle within three minutes. A timer ticks down and if the puzzle goes unsolved after the allotted time, the PC freezes up.”

Once the PC seems to hang, our last option is to do rebooting. Annoyingly, doing this will not help the problem, warned the experts. You need to solve the Captcha puzzle to end the loop. However, since the virus has invaded your PC, you no longer have full control of it. The worm through your PC creates a new account application undetected, and this new account will then be used to produce more virus-infected Christmas videos.

While an anti-virus tool is not yet available against this Koobface, the best thing to do is to be extra cautious and make sure you do not follow links of unsolicited messages that may crowd in your Facebook home page.

Sky News

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