Tuesday, 21 August 2012


by Earlie Doriman
DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo  ( May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012)
                     Photo: yahoo.com/file photo of DILG Jesse Robredo
 Here is a man who provides us a paradigm of sublime public service. Honest. Dedicated. Empowered. A rare asset to a democratic government. A servant who never learned to abuse his political influence. Humble, Hard-working, and remained steadfast to his commitment to the country until the end.
Jesse Robredo’s tragic death is a massive loss to the Aquino’s administration. His competence is a wasted glory of a country which is always scarce of truthful politicians.   He definitely left a vacuum at the Department of Interior and Local Government, and certainly enough, his demise has an enormous blow to the encouraging image that the DILG has established during his leadership, however short. He is an immense loss to the Filipino people.
In my own prayers for his safety and the rest of the plane crew, I asked God why do people like him has to be taken too soon? Why not the Arroyo’s? Why not the Ampatuans? Why not the corrupt and unscrupulous? Why doesn’t the country deserve good leaders like him? Isn’t it too paradoxical?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


by Earlie Doriman
Spending our short summer holiday in a very beautiful seaside venue of Scarborough is indeed worth every second of it. On top of the magnificent location of Blue Dolphin Caravan Site in North Yorkshire, I was completely mesmerized by the gaunt shell of Whitby Abbey, considered as one of the most remarkable landmarks of Scarborough.  

The ruins left a trace of a profoundly rich historical significance way back ninth century after the Vikings destroyed much of its splendor and serenity.  During the 20th century, this famous Benedictine monastery was handed over to the care of the Ministry of Works  and eventually transferred to the English Heritage in the middle of 1980's. The very impressive example of English Gothic architecture of the Whitby Abbey will certainly leave you in unending wander. 

But I don't think Dracula could have installed his sanctuary here although there is somehow an eerie recall of his great movies to associate primarily this wonderful place. Surely, he was not there whilst the sun shone at its brightest and the people around were as friendly as the weather could be. Memorable visit after all..and still looking forward to come back and be mesmerized again..