Tuesday, 21 August 2012


by Earlie Doriman
DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo  ( May 27, 1958 – August 18, 2012)
                     Photo: yahoo.com/file photo of DILG Jesse Robredo
 Here is a man who provides us a paradigm of sublime public service. Honest. Dedicated. Empowered. A rare asset to a democratic government. A servant who never learned to abuse his political influence. Humble, Hard-working, and remained steadfast to his commitment to the country until the end.
Jesse Robredo’s tragic death is a massive loss to the Aquino’s administration. His competence is a wasted glory of a country which is always scarce of truthful politicians.   He definitely left a vacuum at the Department of Interior and Local Government, and certainly enough, his demise has an enormous blow to the encouraging image that the DILG has established during his leadership, however short. He is an immense loss to the Filipino people.
In my own prayers for his safety and the rest of the plane crew, I asked God why do people like him has to be taken too soon? Why not the Arroyo’s? Why not the Ampatuans? Why not the corrupt and unscrupulous? Why doesn’t the country deserve good leaders like him? Isn’t it too paradoxical?

Photo courtesy: newsinfo.inquirer.net
Yet again, God has his own divine wisdom and He should know best. He allowed Mr. Robredo to show that there are still decent public servants around this country to afford many Filipinos a glimpse of hope in our leaders, the opportunity to see progressive change through straightforward leadership, and that his example is one to level up political will and commitment.

We are so auspicious, in my opinion, about how the Aquino administration encourages us to believe again in democracy, a system that has gone too ghastly for us and for our country. Whilst we should not expect an overnight makeover of a broken land, we begin to feel the buoyancy that this present administration has slowly offered its citizens.

It is so affecting to say goodbye to one excellent public servant, but may his example infuses other politicians to serve according to selfless interests, to serve the country and its people above self.

It is honestly painful to accept his death but we deeply thank his family for giving Jesse Robredo to this government to exemplify sincere public service and demonstrate how to achieve good governance. A truly respectable and dignified Filipino politician. We only hope that many others will follow his sublime legacy.


  1. ..just like in the song chloe's closet "wish we could be deep sea divers"..i wish i am..

    i've heard of sec robredo when he was still the mayor in naga city, when an email was circulated in the office while i was still working in the government office back in davao city, philippines three years ago..it was about the world mayor contest and he was one of the finalists for the year 2010..i said 'wow, a finalist from the philippines'..the criteria of the winner was based on the conviction and persuasiveness of the supporting statements from around the world..(though i dunno if he won that year..hehe)..but at least he was 1 of d the finalists among so many mayors in the world..

    and here come's the news now, so sad..

  2. whileinflorida,

    Indeed a very distressing news...death itself is a sad event, more so when the person who died has so much to offer for the country.

    Yes, he was very impressive to get nominated and became a finalist for the 'World's Best Mayor, although he didn't but the recognition was in an international field was a big honor already.

    It's a big loss to the nation. May He REST in PEACE.