Wednesday, 18 May 2011


by Earlie Doriman
There are definitely many things or plans that we want to do every weekend or at fortnight, aside from the usual needed routine everyday. It is perhaps frustrating that at the end of the day or when you are about to lie flat on your smooth bed on Sunday night, you realize that you forgot to call your dentist to cancel the appointment early Monday because of a more important engagement. And every sort of other unaccomplished targets just popped up without end. You’ll end up scratching your head and wished that there should be more than 24 hours to do all the things you hoped you could have gone through.
Though, worrying about it has no positive ending. Things left undone could still be completed some other time; however, missed appointments could somehow crack your integrity. Yet, you could not just cry over spilled milk again and again. Be ready to apologize and be honest about your side. More importantly, manage your time with appointments and avoid repeating the embarrassment.

If you are looking for a more exciting activities on your idle times, there are even more things to do and explore around. I personally want these things, but don’t have the skill, or guts, or resources, or opportunity to do them now, or simply it is impossible and beyond my capacity. This also includes things I want to stop from doing. Blogging was once amongst the list below. You might consider this list for your own stimulating, challenging, and thrilling weekends ahead.(photo from Yahoo images)

1. Become a TV game show contestant (e.g. Eggheads, Weakest Link, Want to be a Millionaire, or X-Factor)
2. I love to read HAIKU but have never written a single one.
3. Watch a MOVIE in Manchester with my family.
4. Compose my own SONGS.
6. Go to the GYM.
7. Start my own FOOD Counter.
8. Buy new BED for my two sons.
9. Mount a Horse and continue horse riding
10. Play TENNIS
11. Buy Tennis racket first.
12. Watch Professional Wrestling
13. Visit the VATICAN
14. Repaint the RADIATORS at Home
15. Meet Stephen Hawking
16. Visit NASA
17. Buy Ticket for the LONDON 2012 Olympics
18. Study MENTAL HEALTH Nursing
19. Troubleshoot a CAR
20. Install the Chandelier at Home
21. Buy a 3-in-1 Computer Printer
22. Take the Kids to the ZOO
23. Analyze Handwriting
24. Childproof the Kitchen
25. Buy a Wheelchair for my Uncle whose two legs were amputated due to complication with diabetes.


  1. You have quite a list here. One at a time. Just do one at a time and then you can start a new list.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Hi Sandee,

    Hahaha..i just thought there is no price tag to want things anyway and i better list down everything..on the 'first come first serve' basis.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Sir earl!

    I love this post sooooooo much!!!!lots of comparison with the things I want to do too..hahaha!Sir I want to meet Stephen Hawking too because I am very impressed with his unique existence, I mean despite his disabilities he managed to become extraordinary!sir can you take some picture of Stephen Hawking?hehehe..hmmm sir I have a Smart Quiz book already preparation for your who wants to be a millionaire..haha!But sir do not do the # 5..toinkz!

  4. Hi Joyce,

    Hahaha..I enjoyed your message and with emphasis on #5. If I get a chance to see Stephen Hawking joyce i'm gonna take millions of photos of him and surely i'll share it with you. He is not my favourite nor i look up to him whatsoever, but i just want to tell him that God blessed him with so much intelligence and hope he will use it for God's glory..Are you producing your own game show there..let me be your first contestant please...hehhe..Thanks for dropping by.Best regards