Thursday, 19 May 2011


by Earlie Doriman
One beautiful lake at Queens Park made even more
gorgeous by the serenity and harmony
of ducks, geese, and different birds.
Another lazy day to struggle or so I thought when I was driving on my way to work early today because the sky was a bit gloomy and dull and just like the past four days…I expected it to rain again all day and well, after my job, go home, then play with the kids with their old toys or perhaps sit and eat; then grab the remote control to watch the latest news at BBC. That’s basically the usual routine when the rain seems unfair.
What a day for our two sons. They're just
making the best out of the wonderful sunshine
But I realized when I got out from school this afternoon, the sun was like smiling at me and my mind, as fast as the speed of light, thought about taking my two kids to the park. It’s been a while that they content themselves playing inside the restricted corners of our home and it’s a blessing that I could treat them today to a bigger playground.And so from my workplace, I hurriedly dropped a colleague 
 to his place and stepped on the accelerator to pick my family for an afternoon at Queens Park. It’s a lovely day after all and looking at our two sons enjoying so much is a priceless indulgence.

Matthew Earl & Thomas Miguel having fun driving the Fire Truck.
 Matthew said to his younger brother ' Slow Down'

Matthew wants to turn right,
but Thomas steers the wheel to the left.

Hey Dad, stop it please..I just fell off. Help me...

This is going to be fun...
Hello Queens Park here I come

I need to be careful..Firemen has indeed a tough job.

My name is Matthew Earl and
I am 2 years and 7 months


  1. Hi Earl, I love the photos! What a wonderful idea you had to take your two gorgeous boys to go play outside for a change - I am sure you were tired after work, and so it shows your love for them, wanting to spend all the time you can with them, doing fun things :)
    They are just too cute!!
    Glad the sun came out so that you could share some fun with your boys.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha, I realize I typed your name as Earl... sorry! Meant to type Earlie :)

  3. Queen's Park looks wonderful sir!Can I borrow it for my travel blog?hehe..your two sons are both cute and amazing, they are smart Kids sir and very British!hehe

  4. Hi Healingleaf,

    Thanks for keeping in touch. Yes t'was a spontaneous action and i never mind if I was really tired, i just grabbed the opportunity for the kids. My wife and I enjoyed it too as much as the kids. Hehehe.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi healingleaf,

    By the way, don't be sorry becasue what you typed was a spot on. my friends and family call me 'Earl'. So you were simply like a family calling me. And it's cool to hear that.

  6. Hi Joyce,

    Thanks..British ka diha. I always teach them the Filipino way joyce because i want them to appreciate their homecountry and want them to learn the Filipino values.

    yes joyce, you can use the photos if you want but it's not the best lens though..i don't have the high-end ones to capture the place more beautifully..But it is a very gorgeous park in Rochdale.

  7. What a beautiful post! Your children are very blessed to have a dad that takes them to parks. It looks like they had a blast:) I love parks:D

  8. Hi Heart,

    thanks for appreciating. I am blessed too to have them in our life. they are our priceless treasures. Keep in touch
    Best regards