Monday, 28 May 2012


Let me share this short piece by Ma. Pilar Chanda Gado Antoque, who is now living and working as a College Teacher in New Zealand. She is like a sister, a confidant and an adviser; she is honestly more than a friend to me. We went to the same school back in the Philippines and we taught in the same University, shared the same vision in education and inspired by similar ambitions in life. We used to be strange enemies at the University, she was a student leader and I was a student publication staff. We criticized them and they criticized us in return, but those were avenues why we became friends and that friendship continues to flourish up to now.

Just recently I read her ‘short story’ in facebook and asked her if I could share this piece to the blogosphere, although I know she would never say ‘NO’, but her ‘YES”  seals the valid approval to get it published. Read along…

''My mind is still troubled about an incident at church yesterday. The week before, I was asked to translate and read one segment of the prayers of the faithful for the Pentecost Sunday celebration. I told the Cathedral secretary that I was never good at translating texts into Filipino, the national language of the Philippines. I promised to find her... someone who could do the job. She said I did not have to do that as I could actually say the prayer in my native tongue. She promised to e-mail me the texts that were to be translated. I wasn't able to read her e-mail as my inbox had been littered with hundreds of notification of my moodle discussions with my counselling mates and professors at the Waikato University. Came Sunday, Andrea asked me if I received her e-mail and I gasped and said "no". 

Friday, 11 May 2012


by Earlie Doriman
In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated every fourth Sunday of Lent. Traditionally, it is a time when children pay respect to their mothers by giving them gifts, cards, or flowers. Mothering Sunday is actually Mother’s Day in other countries. Although not celebrated at the same time around the world, Mother's day remembers the great courage and extraordinary love of all the mothers, from the moment they conceived a child to the painful experience of labour, their love never changed.

This year, here in England, this special day falls on April 3. The celebration is also known ‘Refreshment Sunday’ or Pudding Pie Sunday. To the devoted Christians, whilst the observance of fasting is religiously followed, Mothering Sunday provides a bit of a pause from the rule in respect to the ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’, a familiar biblical account. To me, Mother’s Day is more than an ordinary celebration. It is remembering and expressing gratitude to all the moms in the world.  It is through them, through their care, through their own life and soul, through their unconditional love, that we too are able to celebrate life.