Thursday, 28 April 2011


by Earlie Doriman
In boxing, style and stamina could make the difference and these tell apart victory from defeat. Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Sugar Shane Mosley of the United States will define the true meaning of style and stamina as they collide on May 7 2011 in Las Vegas over the WBO Welterweight World Title. Manny or commonly known as ‘PACMAN’, the best pound-for pound boxer of the world famous for his speed and incredible foot works is waiting few more days to test the power and strength of Shane Mosley in twelve rounds of boxing extravaganza.

Earlier this week, Mosley conveyed that his powerful punches could spell the difference and that if Pacquiao could not withstand this, the Filipino legend will get the biggest upset of his boxing career. Mosley, as the world knows is a hungry, determined and is willing to face the best boxer there is. He is more recognized as a powerful puncher and this is expectedly the weapon he is equipped with in the upcoming fight. Most boxing critics think Mosley is old enough to fight Manny who is still in his prime years. But Mosley consider this as the best opportunity to prove that he remains the ‘power punch’ and use this to give Pacquaio his knock-out.
On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao has his speed under his sleeve. Currently considered as the face of boxing, his last ten fights provide no doubts that his boxing style is the best to date. His footwork left the opponents susceptible to quick unpredictable attacks and his left-hook like a deadly venom. Boxing fans expect Pacquiao to send Mosley to the canvas after eight rounds. Let us wait and see which will prevail Power or Speed.

Take a look at the two boxers’ STATISTICS:

Name:          Emmanuel Pacquiao               
Nickname:    PAC-MAN                                              
Height:        5 ft 6.5in (1.69 m)                                     
Reach:        67 in (170 cm)                                            
Nationality: FILIPINO                                               
Birthdate:   December 17, 1972                                 
Birthplace:  Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines                 
Stance:       Southpaw                                              
                Total:     57                                                       
                Wins:     52                                                        
                W-KO:   38                                                         
                Losses:   3                                                         
                Draws:   2                                                           

Name:           SHANE MOSLEY
Nickname:     SUGAR SHANE
Height:         5ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Reach:         74 in (188 cm)
Nationality:   AMERICAN
Birthdate:     September 7, 1971
Birthplace:   PomonaCalifornia
Stance:        ORTHODOX
            Total:     54
            Wins:     46
            W- KO:  39
            Losses:   6
           Draws:    1


  1. seems you are big fan of boxing ,nice written,

    god bless

  2. hi Baili,

    I am a sports fan generally, with boxing i don't want great fights to slip through my fingers...i love the fights of Pacquiao, De la Hoya, Ali, Hatton, Mexican boxers, and others. I am honestly a big fan of Pacquiao because he is a very humble champion. thanks for dropping by..

  3. you're the nth guy blogger who posted about the pacquiao mosley fight. hehe what is it with guys and fist fights? fist fights hurt big time!!! heheheh

  4. Hi Davaoena,

    Sorry about that..but i just love great it's Manny in the ring..I am a big fan..Thanks for the is indeed a comment..hehehe.

  5. they're So great,, hard To differ.
    but, i still Choose chris "the dragon" john as the best BOxer. hee,,

    visit me,,

  6. Oh so seldom i met a blog writing about a boxing.
    This is interesting and i love thai boxing the most we call it TOMOI in our home village,haha

  7. Hi Afzul,

    Boxing is one of my favourite sports so i can't help myself to write something about upcoming great fights..Pacquiao and Mosley are two of the best fighters of this time..Thanks for dropping a comment.