Monday, 2 May 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Osama Bin Laden
The breaking news today about the death of Osama Bin Laden by the US special operatives provides the people around the world a different level of joy. It is an elation celebrating the defeat of a master evil, who for so long terrorized millions of people. That at last, the world’s most wanted terrorist has succumbed to the hands of valiant and dedicated soldiers, risking their lives in the middle of uncertain battles. The goodness prevails in the end and the wickedness buried into oblivion. Osama Bin Laden is dead and the world is rejoicing about the sweetest death to be recorded in human history.
This is honestly the best update of the day. Knowing that somebody who planted serious terror in many places was extinguished, is remarkably an achievement. Many thanks indeed to President Barack Obama for the inexorable leadership in the pursuit of justice for the September 11 attack. I am happy too for the families of the thousand of innocent victims, that after many years, their deaths received the integrity from the human law. The European Union hailed his death as a major achievement to get rid of terrorism and to make this world a safer, and better place to live.

What’s next after his death? Do you think terrorism will stop like Osama Bin Laden’s breath? Though we have to remember that Bin Laden did not execute these outrageous crimes by himself. Definitely, he has thousands of support system that would continue to bring war and terrorism as much as they could. Whilst this achievement is noteworthy, the world needs to remain vigilant and united to combat more aggressions and hostilities from his loyal men. The weeks ahead would be more crucial as Bin Laden’s cohorts might possibly undertake reprisals. His death might mean a clear disruption of the Al-Qaeda operations, but the global threat remains imminent and of greater chance as his army would certainly find an insidious retaliation. Almost certainly, his own soldiers will attempt to avenge and this would create fear and deeper uncertainty.
Osama Bin Laden was just one of the terrorist leaders. He might be the most successful and famous, but the many others who remain at large and obviously post the same level of danger to the world. As to the question if terrorism will end at Bin Laden’s death, my honest answer is NO and not now. The long history of terrorism would likewise require that span of time to dissolve eventually, if the pursuit against them remains serious and resolute. But I am hopeful that one day, we would all be happier to live in a terrorist-free and peaceful world. (photo from Yahoo Images)


  1. terrorist is Word FroM west,, They're Living for Jihad. follow the tRuth ways.

  2. And of all days, I did not hear any radio or cruise the internet until the evening hours. Imagine my surprise when I heard the news.

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  3. Hi T.J.
    Thanks for following me..It was a sweet surprise indeed. I hope deeply that PEACE takes over the world. keep in touch and thanks for your comment.