Friday, 6 May 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Yet for many times, our resolutions have been put into nothingness. Whilst we try to work doubly hard to meet both ends at home, we start to ponder we might not have done enough to keep some in our piggy bank. Without any piece of hypocrisy, money matters a lot to keep us going everyday. Diverse lifestyle expends money differently, and our very own way of life could consume every single penny we desperately shield in our wallet. The impulse to save for the rainy days just died away as fast as we spent our earnings. So bad indeed… and so disappointing too.

The society where we belong and the bitter influence of media have so much to do with the way we spend and the way we define happy and content life. Most people buy things because the society dictates that it is what makes one a part of it and because of that, people tend to want things rather than get what they basically need. What if you don’t have enough to buy the new Wii, or Xbox, or the biggest TV screen or the Plasma or the latest iPhone in the market? Do you readily swipe your credit card till you drop.? Tsk Tsk Tsk. It is not my business anyway, but you see, savings could absolutely kick off from cutting our impulsive-compulsive attitude. Credit cards leave you nightmares.

But why do we need to save? There are many reasons and it is as diverse as personalities. As I said, different people spend money differently. The so called ‘rich and famous’ might not worry actually what and how much they spend everyday, however the ordinary working class are naturally frugal and careful about spending habits. List of priorities is seriously considered and a lifestyle check fitting to the financial capacity. However, a good number of people spend beyond what their pockets could extend and so most often, become a slave of debts and shark loans. If that is the case, where does one gets a pence to save? The more accountability you have, the harder you’ll get inspired to start saving.
Saving resources is very important. But, I am not saying we have to deprive ourselves and our children the happy life by spending too little, too few and putting aside a bigger chunk of our earnings in the vault or in a particular investment. Neither would I suggest leaving personal health nor family needs, a second priority. In fact saving money is to make sure these areas are addressed properly and adequately. The good thing though is, even if you have debts right now, you can start saving by changing priorities and cost cutting expenses especially those considered not practical. It is certainly a matter of focus and strong will to get it started. Discipline is an all around virtue that helps a lot here.
On another perspective, saving is not just an economic term, it has also a collective and familial undertone. Your healthy relationships with people, friends, and family members are intangible savings, which you could always enjoy in life. They are priceless and provide you a long-term interests. Honestly, I don’t have lot of cash savings yet and I am not into deep debts either. My wife and I do earn a decent salary but there are also commitments outside of our own family that need our support. It is not essential to mention them but I know they are spiritual savings that are equally important. I am just very fortunate to have a wife who is simple and generous and we blend so well when it comes to family, plans for our future and our children’s too. I am blessed with extended families who are all understanding and supportive and that as well are savings to keep us going. I am thankful to have relatives who appreciate us and are being grateful about little things we do for them. Our genuine friends who make life easier even when we are away from home; they are surely gifts and savings to this life.

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  1. Gerie Realista10 June 2011 at 00:13

    hello...i'd like to spend!!!!! i'd like to spend!!!! but where do i get my spending money? i have to save!!! i have to save!!!!