Saturday, 23 April 2011


by Earlie Doriman

Two great boxers will display their respective style, power, speed, and determination to affirm supremacy or accept humble defeat on May 7 2011. Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquaio and Sugar Shane Mosley, two of the world’s current best fighters will certainly build an explosion inside the ring as they exchange punches and techniques in Las Vegas next month. Pacquiao, considered the finest pound-for-pound boxer with eight championship belts in eight weight division will face the much bigger, older, and experienced Mosley in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. As boxing fanatics wait for that big day, the heat is already rising and bettors are putting up pressure even more.
Let me share to you the list of their last ten fights and how they prevailed in those previous battles.

Manny 'PACMAN' Pacquiao

1. Antonio Margarito. The best fight so far, rolled to complete the 12 rounds and the fans were ecstatic and satisfied. Pacquiao prevailed with a Unanimous Decision.
2. Joshua Clottey. Clottey endured but was not impressive. Pacquiao won by a Unanimous Decision.
3. Miguel Cotto. Many thought Cotto could bring a big upset, but the prediction was proved wrong when Pacquiao won by TKO at the last round of the fight.
4. Ricky Hatton. It was anticipated to be the best fight but boxing aficionados went home broken and disappointed when Hatton dropped like a log in middle of the ring. Just two rounds and the fight was stopped. Hatton declared not to fight again and eventually stopped his boxing career.

5. Oscar De la Hoya. Personally, this was the fight that gave me a scare of my life as I thought De la Hoya was too much and too strong for Manny. At the 8th round I realized I underestimated Pacquiao because he boxed De la Hoya down to his knees. De la Hoya retired from boxing after that fight.
6. David Diaz. It was a prediction that only needed formality. Diaz was never favoured to win this fight and indeed Pacquiao put a big period to it.
7. Juan Manuel Marquez. One of the memorable fights to date. It was both exciting and unpredictable. Both fighters climbed the ring with a big heart and determination to bring home the belt. But the fight ended with Pacquaio winning through a split decision.
8. Marco Antonio Barrera. Many believed Barrera could stage a revenge but the 12 rounds of intense boxing never slipped through Pacman’s hands. Many won by a Unanimous decision.
9. George Solis. Many thought it was a mismatch because record-wise Solis was not as experienced and as credible as Manny. Again Pacquiao beat Solis black and blue that the fight has to be ended at the 8th round.
10. Eric Morales. Another Mexican boxer, another victim of Pacquiao’s fuming punches and powerful left-hook. The 3rd round knock-out is more than enough to say that Manny was the better boxer.


Sugar Shane Mosley
1. Sergio Mora. A good fight to watch but nothing spectacular. Both fighters exchanged punches but not so powerful to send any to the floor. As a result, it was DRAW.
2. Floyd Mayweather. There was really no reason for Mayweather to brag about this fight because Mosley did a very good fight. But it was a blow against the record of Mosley though.
3. Antonio Margarito. This fight inevitably was used to somehow predict the outcome of the upcoming Pacquiao-Mosley showdown because Margarito was an opponent to both fighters. However, it will never be a gauge to say that Mosley could beat Manny. Mosley won by TKO at the 9th round whereas Pacquiao won by a Unanimous Decision with all the rounds completed.
4. Ricardo Mayorga. Mosley was quicker and evidently more talented boxer amongst the two. Mayorga could actually hit but not as powerful as the punches from Mosley who sent him down at the 12th round of the fight. Mosley won by a convincing stride.
5. Miguel Cotto. Unlike Manny Pacquiao, Mosley was defeated by Cotto by points. It was an upset win by the Puerto Rican who lived by the monickers of ‘slugger’ and ‘brawler’.
6. Luis Collazo. It was a very good decision for Shane Mosley to return to the welterweight division. He practically dominated every round of the fight and proved that he was a name to remember.
7. Fernando Vargas (1). The boxing fans who waited long for this fight were completely disappointed when the referee stopped the fight at the 10th round. It was a fantastic bout at the starting rounds but Vargas showed vulnerability at the later rounds that gave Mosley the chance to beat him really bad.
8. Fernando Vargas (2). The thought of Vargas returning to ink his vengeance was entirely an over-statement. The second fight between these two boxers was a lopsided one when Mosley was declared winner after the 6th round due to TKO.
9. Jose Luis Cruz. Although Cruz lost this fight but he has nothing to be ashamed about because he fought like a champion and the last round of this battle was absolutely his. Mosley won in this 10-rounds bout.
10. David Estrada. This non-title fight was an easy catch by Mosley. His determination to come back gave him an instant present by capturing the win.


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs cousin. We are definitely watching this much anticipated fight! Go Pacman! Flor

  2. Go Manny!!!!!

  3. Thanks cousin for dropping a message.Even people here in England are so impressed by Manny Pacquiao not only because of his great boxing but also because of his kind heart and humility. My colleagues in school are his fans too that is why i am very proud of our sport hero..
    Basta fight na gani ni Pacman cousin wala intawn mi tulog diri mga pinoy kay magpaabot gyud mi..hehehe..Have a very happy Easter Sunday to you and your lovely family.