Tuesday, 26 March 2013

White Easter

by Earlie Doriman
Definitely it is not going away, just not yet….I mean the winter weather of Britain, as it continues to spill sub-zero temperature across the country.  The ‘White Easter’ as they call it, will stay around for few more weeks and the forecast warns of a more unpleasantly cold days. Indeed awful!!

Spring is actually just around the corner as the daffodils and tulips have started to show, but it seems like it has not gained enough momentum to push the winter away. Shower of white bits and flakes suggest an entirely different picture of Easter, rather too extreme from the Holy Week in the Philippines which I always imagine at this time of the year, where the weather is not only warm and sunny but hot, burning and dehydrated.

It is but a natural escape to see people crowding massive malls or finding rescue in some gorgeous garden resorts, lifting selves to higher grounds for a cooler ambiance, or even sunbathing into many stunning and relaxing beaches. But that’s in my home country, hundred of miles away..

Contrary to the common comments, the English weather is so predictable to me – that is, it is so UNPREDICTABLE all year round! There is no consistent pattern to begin with.  We sometimes have shorter winter which is too brilliant if it happens often. We have a spring time now that feels and emerges like the beginning of winter minus the autumn leaves. And never mind the summer, it is an overstatement to call it summertime anyway..not a proper one to be exact. That is not intricate to predict; is it? The behavior of the cold front offers no promise to get a better sunshine this year, however I suppose though, am still hoping for the best.

Whilst the two kids are so excited to go back playing at the park, it is just not yet the right time..or should I convince them to wait a little longer…how long? Am not sure!

In fact it is Easter break, the plans have been laid out ages ago. Whether or not the weather is friendly enough, it is honestly time to grab some breather, away from the workloads and pressure of anything that could turn one ballistic. ButsStill, enjoy the Easter everyone. 

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  1. No snow here in my part of the U.S., but winter definitely hasn't let go of us yet either. I'm read for some sunshine and warm temperatures!