Saturday, 5 December 2009


Davao City today is thousands of miles different from what it used to be in the late 70’s until the mid 80’s.

As a matter of fact, the city was shortly considered the Nicaragua of the Philippines in the 80's(Nicaragdao as a reference to barangay Agdao) due to lawlessness and hostilities.

Criminalities were commonplace in the most parts of the suburbs, summary killings were widespread, and the communist movement had established its ranks and penetrated most of the major districts of Davao, those who did not cooperate in their cause were punished and tortured to death.   Fear and terror prevailed amongst its people and the city never dared to crawl to little progress.

But the Dabawenyos, determined to end the unlawful aggression of the so-called Sparrow Unit of the NPA, formed a valiant civilian group called ALSA MASA and successfully toppled the stronghold of the communist, and by the later part of 1980’s Davao City began to stand and budge in peace and development.

The progress of Davao City did not happen overnight, neither a smooth sailing one.  Many innocent lives have been wasted as it struggled to evolve into becoming what it is at present.  I am a Dabawenyo, and I should know how the city moved heaven and earth to transform its image from a ‘killing field’ to an  abode of peace and harmony, from NicarAgdao to a very progressive Durian Republic, and from a dangerous city into one of the most liveable cities of Asia. All these achievements and outstanding transformation bring down to superior governance, responsible leadership, and disciplined people. The Dabawenyos have been so successful in their chase for the best man to do it, the people of Davao was not wrong and is never wrong to trust the city to no less than Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Over times, the peace loving people of Davao remain steadfast and supportive to the programs and thrusts of Duterte’s administration.  Majority of the constituents never find any blunder in the way he managed the city, but only those few whose political interests are never granted start to question his credibility.  His rivals are beginning to cast stones at him and alleged his involvement to the summary killings pulled off by the vague Davao Death Squad (DDS).  He is dragged endlessly about the issue by the hiding cowards (well, presumably by his desperate political opponents), and the reason is obviously clear – ELECTION TIME IS NEAR.

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