Wednesday, 13 April 2011


by Earlie Doriman
A very beautiful feel of summer at springtime in England
It is disappointing to find yourself so unable to think spontaneously, you would love to write but you just could not start a smart line. I mean, there are times when you feel so absorbed to engage in an interesting subject, you want to go deeper into the topic, yet found yourself jammed in a poorly organized first paragraph. The more you go over the sentences again and again, the more they become senseless and frustrating. But the good thing though, after leaving this piece for two days, I am able to collect the better bits of what I was supposed to share.

As they say, England has indeed a strange weather, unpredictable, frustrating, distracting, and simply different. When it is suppose to be bright and sunny, it would rain. There is no assurance of a summer too because if it would not rain, the sun might just be hiding in oblivion. To my recollection, in 2008 we snowed really hard at Easter Sunday which was a lot odd. The following years were fair. It used to snow in January, but last winter it started in November. There are good days though to be happy about.
Over the weekend, the whole of England experienced a very wonderful preview of the summer weather when temperature danced between 22-25 degrees, the best Saturday and Sunday so far after the worst British winter few months back. It is still springtime though as made obvious by the beautiful blossoming of daffodils and tulips, and the stunning colours of flowering trees. The sunshine was up smiling as early as maybe 5:00 in the morning and it continued to treat people all day giving much reason to enjoy and do various things for the family.
Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale, UK
On the Saturday I took my family to Springfield Park in Heywood and my two sons, Matthew and Thomas went uncontrollably spirited. They ran and ran around as if it was their first time to benefit from a splendid weather. They were shouting and laughing at the same time to express the utmost pleasure they felt. They did not even care to eat much because they were more engrossed to play. They attempted to throw some food for the ducks swimming at the nearby lake but they seemed to be very full up and blatantly ignored their efforts. My wife was very happy too to see them playing without so much restriction of space. It is different at home when the freedom is so limited plus the fact that there are areas where they are literally not allowed to race. So it did make a great deal to allow them to do what they feel is convenient and they just made the best out of that opportunity.
The following day greeted us again with another fantastic sunlight, so the temptation to go out was larger than the crack to stay home. We went around again and found ourselves on our way to Hollingworth Lake. According to the locals here, it is the best place to go during summer. Frustratingly, it was very crowded and it appeared that all the residents have flocked to the place before sunrise. We could not find a parking space and so we decided to go back, find another place to enjoy the day. We stopped at KFC for a very nice meal and after that went straight to our friend’s place, had a sensible chat and few more laughs to end the day with delight.
It is not summer yet, but we look forward to experience a better summer this year. The forecast says Britain could have long and beautiful summer this time. The best is yet to come hopefully.


  1. i wish i could visit your country one of these days :)

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  2. nice place you have there :)

    am your newest GFC follower from link referral

  3. Joy,

    Thanks for following my blog..and thanks too for dropping a comment. I appreciate it much.
    Yeah, England is fairly beautiful, but the weather is so unpredictable. We were just very happy that for the past days, we had fantastic sunshine..

  4. Earlied-enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. It comes and goes, but mostly goes.

  5. Nothingprofound,

    Thank you my friend, it is truly a beautiful blessing to get a fantastic weather like this in the UK..hehehe..Enjoy your easter holidays.

  6. Since I moved to the Uk from Africa I now understand why the British talk about the weather so much - because it changes all the time! You never know what it will be like.

    We are in North Scotland. I do love this place, except January which is just a horrible dark cold month. In summer the sun sets at about 11:00 pm and the long sunny evenings are magical.

    My blogging friend, Amel (on my list of blogs I love on my side bar), moved to even more extreme conditions. She's from Indonesia and now lives in Northern Finland. They still have snow there now.

    If you want quiet empty spaces you must go to Scotland for a holiday. Here there are wild places where you can see almost no people all day. I have some photos of that I want to put up on my blog later today - a place we visited yesterday when it was hot and sunny. Today is cool and rainy again.

  7. Hi Michelle,

    It is really unpredictable.hehehe.
    You are so lucky to live in Scotland. My wife who visited the place twice has all but good things to say about Scotland. She said it is like paradise and the scenery is breathtaking. We plan to have our holiday there in the future when the kids are big enough. And i honestly look forward to that.

    This week here is fantastic, the weather is really remarkably friendly, it was 25 yesterday and it is 23 today..Whew..

    Thanks Michelle for your message.

  8. Earlied, Thank you so much for sharing about your journey. I loved the photos really an amazing place and very nicely introduced as well.
    If you captured the photos then I should certainly appreciate your photography as well.

    Best Wishes!

  9. Hi Eyewitness,

    Thank you for your kind message. I took the photos myself using an old canon camera. They were both taken at the start of springtime so some trees don't have much leaves yet..Thank you for appreciating them. Honestly, i used some photo editor to enhance them so technically they are not raw. I only tried to make them look more beautiful.
    have a nice day.