Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Two- year old Matthew
by Earlie Doriman
My two-year-old son Matthew amazes me everyday with his new phrases and jargon.  He is learning very quickly and his memory is just impressive at his age.  His grasp of both English and our native language is noteworthy, and he can express himself clearly than other children his age.  Well, I am his dad, and tendency for parents is to be overly proud of their children.  However, I am not exaggerating what I actually observe from my little boy.  It would be too immodest to say that he has the early signs of giftedness, yet no one could impede me to feel immense bliss and delight about my son.

What happiness it brings when your child starts talking using reasonable words. You would know how he feels and he can respond to you in a real world, rather than understanding the meaning of the blubbers, and tantrums, and vague gestures.  More joy one could feel to see his two-year old, being able to associate his feelings with the things that he notices and sees around. As parents, that is what we are feeling, excited, ecstatic, sometimes speechless but thankful.

One late afternoon when I was watching again one of my favourite films, THE PATRIOTS, I was honestly stunned when he jumped out from his chair and asked as he looked at the TV screen and glanced at me, (and I quote without embroidering what he actually said), “Tatay, what’s happening now? they fighting,…….I feel sorry…that’s not good”.  It was such a hard blow to realize that watching such film with him was not appropriate. The violence and war were just too much for his young sense of comprehension.

I quickly grabbed the remote, turned off the player and scanned one of his favourite children shows – CBEEBIES. Good thing Mr Tumble was very lively to divert his attention and so he sat down again and watched. It did not save me though from the guilt that had almost left me wordless. I could have explained the film but I thought he could not definitely get the whole matter. In fact he’s not bothered about the story, he was just maybe ( just maybe) awfully uncomfortable to see such hostility.

At his age now; he can say the ABC’s; count 1 to 15 with ease; identify scrambled numbers; he knows the fundamental colours; can recognize shapes; can open the computer and click through the browser by himself; he can identify letters on flashcards; very imaginative that he can create a little story out of something he is playing; he loves to play the bricks; he loves to sing nursery rhymes, he memorized the names of his friends at the crèche as well as the names of his childminders, and many others; but most surprisingly he memorized the current top 20 songs and its singers of the UK music channel.  I am not saying he can articulate the titles completely but the fact that he could remember them and could right away identify the title and the singer simply astounded us as parents. I am definitely flabbergasted by his development. It is amusing and at the same time startling because that means we have to introduce him to new things everyday, give him another set of challenges and ask him new interesting questions. He is easily bored with repetitions. He is very inquisitive and could easily learn and remember.

Yet again he is just a two year old child, he fights for his toys, he cries when he’s left out, he still drinks his milk and enjoys his cereal.


  1. joyce corong-rodriguez9 March 2011 at 19:05

    awesome, whattakid?!!! but i'm not really that surprise though, having you for a "Tatay", it could be the genes.:) reading through, I can sense the elation of a parent having such smart kiddo...the "bliss of parenthood" as they call it,I'm happy for you my friend, you're so bless.

  2. Hi Joyce..Thanks for taking time to read. am definitely proud of my matthew as all fathers would be..and thanks for the nice words..shall i consider them a compliment?hehehe..i learned my ABC's when i was 6 years old and i only knew max surban's and yoyoy villame's song then..hehehe..keep in touch and God bless my friend.

  3. What a handsome young man, and obviously very precocious! It's wonderful that he's learning both languages at his age. That way they'll become an organic part of his being.

  4. Thanks a lot my friend, i should say he is and as a father i am very proud of's quite challenging though but i enjoyed it much.there is none better consolation when you got home from work to see them grow and become knowledgeable. Keep in touch and thanks again.

  5. Wow, I am impressed by your post about your little Matthew, your gifted son. I can almost feel your burst of happiness through the screen. What a great feeling for a parent! I will keep coming back to your blog for more! By the way, he is just adorable. I will strive to achieve similar things with my 9 month old (also bilingual) son Lukas.:-)

  6. Thanks for your message. Yes as a father, i am indeed overflowing with happiness. I know you are too when Lukas came into your life. They are heaven sent that is why they make us very proud and joyful..Looking forward to sharing with you more development from my Matthew and from my second son Thomas. God Bless and continue to enjoy being a mother.