Friday, 11 February 2011


She maybe small but she is definitely a giant in moral principle. An ordinary COA (Commission on Audit) auditor with extraordinary task. And that particular task made her life, career, family, and principle, put into a stringent ordeal. Yet, she stands tough, sensible and a fighter amidst threats of her life, and future. She maybe a woman but she is fearless to tell the truth even to the point when her colleagues turn their backs on her.
We need many Heidi Mendozas in these times when we struggle to obtain genuine liberation from the perils of corruption. We need truthful voices from people
who remained dedicated and faithful to our country and whose love for the nation is profound enough to fight whatever it takes. Heidi Mendoza has earned respect and admiration not only from her countrymen but from people around the world. Her valiant act of honesty set a standard to all public servants emphasizing the determination to stop corruption in their respective organizations and to speak up when it is right and just.

I recalled personally campaigning for Gloria Arroyo in 2004 presidential elections, convincing my students, my friends, my parents, my siblings, my grandmother (who should have voted Fernando Poe Jr but changed her mind due to my nagging), my relatives, and other acquaintances to vote for a woman candidate because I insisted women have the least tendency to corrupt, if not at all. It was indeed a very unfair assumption because halfway in her term of office, allegations and proofs of corruption marred her government. Would I still insist the same postulate? Yes, but as a general inference on the premise that there is always an exemption in every thing and Gloria Arroyo is an exemption.

We all have mothers, and it is a basic instinct for most mothers to be gentle, loving, emotionally sensitive, morally upright, honest, and could easily communicate with her children even when thoughts and feelings are not spoken and shown. They would know by just listening to your silence and they discern best when the right time to come for comforting words. I say so with conviction because my mum possesses those virtues. I have a wife too who is honest, very sensitive, caring and gentle to our two young boys.

What is there to associate this with Heidi Mendoza? Simply because she is a mother and a wife. Her moral principle is basically founded on the fact that she has brought up children in her home, cared for them, loved them, being sensitive to them, fight for them, and taught them honesty and justice. She represents most mothers and wives who are tough yet gentle. Most importantly, she represents those who are cohesive and candid in their campaign against corruption and dishonesty in government. She serves best the public being an ordinary Filipino and a fighter for a noble cause. Finally, she is not an exemption to my general assumption.

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