Monday, 30 May 2011


by Earlie Doriman

One of the beautiful sights of London. The London Bridge
Sorting out good memories through my compiled photos, I could not help but tempted to write this post to share some of the beautiful places that I’ve been to recently in England. They are all stunning, majestic, and historically significant sites that do not need a hyperbolic description; because the pictures in fact could captivate your imagination. I don’t have the high-end LSR to capture the panorama, but my old Sony Digital camera is a huge help to collect 
these gorgeous landscape and scenery.


That's not the London's Eye, just a replica
in Manchester City
Remembering Buckingham Palace,
without the Queen 
There is no other city in the UK that is so popular like LONDON. With iconic landmarks on every corner, your day would surely be complete touring around some of the world’s famous historical sites and blending the high and mighty structures of both the old and modern engineering excellence. Either day or night, the city of London is a perfect picture-postcard of fascinating thrill and admiration.
It’s is not just the Buckingham Palace that makes London a magnificent face to see. There is Clarence House, the home of Prince Charles and Princess Diana . Across the central town, the Tower of London stands soaring and proud, never mind the historical torture it witnessed during England gloomy history. Westminster Abbey is a must see. It’s classic and sacred architecture plus the charming interior provide a unique experience and feeling.
The majestic St Paul Cathedral in London
The diverse crowd at Trafalgar Square will definitely fascinate you. The excitement of people taking photos and the different languages that could hear give a feeling of security and peace amidst the crowd. I also love the splendour of St Paul Cathedral which according to history, survived the fierce attacks and bombing during the Second World War. It is well remembered as the venue of the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. Looking down from the right side of the Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge spanned through the Thames River. It is considered as the first pedestrian bridge with both class and success in art and design.
My son, my sister, my mom-in-law,
and....hhhmmmm..obviously it's me.
At St Paul's Cathedral

Once in London, it is unlikely to forget the ‘London Eye’, a massive Ferris Wheel that takes passengers to a height of 400feet; affording each tourist a once in a lifetime ride to a breathtaking glimpse of the whole of London.

Blackpool's Illumination. the spectacular display of neon lights
illuminating the streets of Blackpool in November
and There is more to life if you enjoy the best that Blackpool can offer. The Pleasure Beach offers a white-knuckle rides that could either spin you around in cloud nine or pin you down into the oblivion. The American style amusement park is one of the best places in Blackpool. Millions of adrenaline packed tourists flock to Pleasure Beach every year and these visitors keep coming back with the same purpose. Blackpool is a home to world class piers.
It is a coastal town in Lancashire, which has so much of historical significance to the country. This gorgeous place is about 40 miles from Manchester. I have learned that the name BLACKPOOL must have been given to the place from a famous drainage channel that stretched over a peat bog or mire releasing discoloured water into the Irish Sea which eventually formed a black pool. 
What Blackpool Can Offer

ILLUMINATIONS: The lengthy road near the seaside is transformed into a magical array of arc lights creating an impression of artificial sunshine that makes night time so attractive and amazing.  At the onset of autumn, people from different parts of the country travelled to Blackpool to witness this spectacular display of a range of colourful radiance and golden glow made from fibre optics, LED lights, and laser technology. 
The breathtaking structure and rides at
Pleasure Beach Amusement Park, Blackpool
PLEASURE BEACH: A theme park that boasts its challenging rides. Pleasure Beach attracts millions of people every year young and old alike, more popular rides include Pepsi Max Big One, the Bling, the Valhalla, the Big Dipper, and many others.
Blackpool is also famous with immense ballroom halls with extraordinary interiors particularly the Tower Ballroom is renowned for its exquisite adornment.

Football might be too popular in this place, but it is not all that Liverpool could brag about. A very famous band originates from this proud location and its people are never wrong because Beatles conquered not only the world, but also the hearts of everyone in 1962 when they released their single ‘Please Please Me’. Before making it big in the music industry, John Lennon, the founder of Beatles, was born and bred in Liverpool, and just regular performer in the city’s street clubs and music lounges. 

Daddy and son Matthew
Liverpool is abundant of architecturally brilliant buildings, including the Three Graces and magnificent cathedrals of old and new artistry.   According to one Liverpullian; “I have never seen any place like Liverpool. The people are proud of their birthplace, not only for its history and culture, supremacy as a seaport, delightful situation and surroundings, but because of its pre-eminence of its merchant princes and citizen’s stability, integrity, progressiveness, and humour.”


My younger brother Erwin at Manchester City
during his short vacation

In front of  Manchester United Home,
Old Trafford Football Stadium

At the town of Rochdale, building at the back is not a church.
It is our Town Hall

One beautiful view in KENT, South of London

Still in KENT

And still in KENT

That's my son Matthew in Huddersfield

I just forgot the name of this structure.
This is a ruin in YORK, used to be castle which
was destroyed during World War II; but now
an important tourist attraction in YORK.

My son, my brother, and my mom-in-law in YORK

A meaning of 'Turning water to GOLD'. This river gives YORK an economic boost,
with tourist boats and floating restos, people enjoyed holidaying in this England site.


  1. Very nice photos. And you know photos can sometimes speak a thousand words....thanks for sharing....

  2. Hi Love-Hate America

    First of all, it a challenge to write your pseudonym.

    Thanks for dropping by. yes indeed, pictures give much of the things that we fail to say. They have their own story to tell.

    Thanks and keep in touch

  3. Wonderful and Vibrant photos. I enjoyed them all. Kent looks amazing, I am going to have to travel there sometime in the near future!

  4. Beautiful photos! Looks like you all had a really great time. I would love to go travel all around the UK one day.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi Loomis,

    Yes that is true, Kent is a very nice and xciting place down south. The weather is very kind, they have lots of beaches. It is just a wonderful place.

    Thanks for the comment. Keep in touch

  6. Hi healingleaf,

    thanks my friend..we had a great time the beautiful places made it more memorable.
    yes, it would be lovely to hear that you look forward to a UK experience

    God bless

  7. When I went to London I was fine until I spoke. The minute that my American accent was revealed there was a visible change. One person even said....Go Home Yank.... even though I still enjoyed London.

  8. Earlie-thanks for the fabulous tour. Many wonderful attractions. I'm partial to beaches and the countryside myself, so that's probably where I'd head first. Big cities are not a high priority.

  9. Hi Workinghard,

    Oh I'm sorry about that, I forgot to mention some anti-social behaviour that is so British. Yeah I know that teenagers here and some lazy, benefit dependent blokes are very offensive and anti-american. I also wondered why. I am from the Philippines and my English is basically American-influenced so I got the same insult before, 'That's American English..It's awful init?'
    Again sorry for that bad experience. Honestly they are not the best people in world.

  10. Hi Nothingprofound,

    Thanks for the message. Yes there are many beaches down south but not at where we live so we need to travel some distance to experience the sand and sea. I could not speak for other good beaches here because i have not been to many yet, but the ones in Kent is very beautiful. It's not a big city scenario, the place has still the touch of a countryside, but not lacking with amenities.