Wednesday, 16 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
It was a dream realized to find myself two-meters away from Pope Benedict XVI. I do not call it an ordinary day because that day I felt someone so close to my life has descended from above and bring forth that unexplainable joy. It was very comforting and warm, although he did not know me at all but my emotions were overflowing with satisfaction and had somehow resonated so deeply into my being. Then I realized I was teary-eyed.  At last, I meet the Pope.
I grew up in a home where the Pope’s picture is one you could find in a typical Filipino house’s prayer place. When Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines in 1981, I do not know if I truly understood the passion to see him. I was just seven then, I was only able to listen to him over our old AC/DC radio component. I could hear people shouting with joy and reverence, as the Pope spoke very softly and compassionately. He was one of the most important figures, if not the most adored pontificate, of the Roman Catholic Church.

Growing up with his name a part of our prayers of the faithful, I learned to wish to see him face-to-face. In my young mind, I knew the Pope was so far away and I could not even imagine any possibility to meeting him. If I was left with a single ray of hope, it eventually died upon his death in 2005.

Moving to England in 2007, I began to dream again about seeing the Pope personally, this time to the new head of Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI. Rome is not too far away from the United Kingdom and so the chance to see him is very likely. The big news came middle of 2010, the Pope would visit the UK at Autumn. That information was the best piece of the day. When our local parish invited churchgoers for the occasion, it was a priceless opportunity I could not let go.  I booked two seats; for me and for my mother-in-law who at the time, was with us during her vacation.

With all other pilgrims, we negotiated the cold dawn on September 2010 heading towards Birmingham, the place where Christians from all over UK, of diverse colours and nationalities, converged to see the Holy Father. There were droplets pouring from the skies but they were all like blessings than distractions. The sea of humanity was very inspiring and being there, I feel safe, assured, and blessed. People were singing as we waited for his arrival, and the glorious songs of worship and thanksgiving filled the venue with heavenly melody.

Seeing the Pope was more glorious. I could feel my heart and spirit jumped with immense joy; people clapped and shouted words of affection as Pope Benedict XVI waved his hands to the people around. I was not even bothered by the tears that slowly ran down my cheeks as everybody around me cried too. It was blissfully overwhelming. It was spiritual. The experience was life changing.


  1. What a happy occasion for you to see a figure so important to your spiritual life.

  2. Hi Nothingprofound,

    Thanks fro dropping by here. You could probably sensed what it meant to me, and i will cherish that moment in my lifetime. I may be able to see him again but the there is would be no better experience than the first experience. Thanks. ( Thank you in Filipino is 'Maraming Salamat'

  3. Good for you..Visiting the POPE or seeing him close by is on my bucket or wish list.

  4. Hi coolme,

    thanks for your time. wishes do come true and God has its own way of surprising us. I know how it is longing to see the pope yet again i only wished before. I know you will someday and i'll help you pray that your wish comes true.

    Thanks again and Good Luck

  5. Earlied, what a great experience this has been for you! Glad you shared this with us. Great to read your thoughts, as always.