Tuesday, 15 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
How could one be so mean and rude when everybody else is so disheartened about the shattering earthquake and tsunami in Japan? For a man with the right brain cells and whose sanity is normally functional, humour and offensive jokes for the sake of a comic relief is never acceptable. It is an utter disrespect and absolutely intolerable. Not in this enlightened world.
Going over the scenes of destruction and loss of lives in one of the most influential and powerful nations of the world, is not just depressing but also frightening. 

To imagine those who drowned alive, helpless, and vulnerable makes the misfortune even more poignant. But here comes the man who thought he could make a difference by throwing humour around the misery of thousands or millions of Japanese. Take it from Gilbert Gottfried ( Got fired?)

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who got fired recently because of malicious jokes and disrespect about Japan’s tsunami, has to realize how rude he has been to add more injury to the distress. His comments and were so uncalled for and his being a comedian is not an excuse to get people’s approval. There is a proper place and time for humour, but definitely not at this time when the world is grieving.

I have a very high regard for Japan not because it is a wealthy country, but because its government and people are so generous to the world. Their spirit of volunteerism has a global range and they always respond to any country that needs their assistance. Their national rescue team was amongst the first volunteers to help victims of the recent earthquake that struck New Zealand. Their commitment to the United Nation’s program to developing countries is untold. My home country the Philippines for instance, has been a long time recipient of Japan’s worldwide infrastructure development, building roads so that farmers could get access to the market. Japan helps the life of people in many parts of the world life convenient.

Now that they become the victims, they do not deserve any form of third-class humour, much more insensitive comments from Gilbert Gottfried (Gotfired).


  1. I don't know what remarks Mr. Gottfried made, so it's hard for me to judge. But as Cervantes said, "A jest that wounds is no jest." I personally dislike rude and offensive humor, but I don't believe in censorship.

  2. Hi Nothingprofound,

    Sorry I made the highest error in presentation, I forgot to quote his jokes which to me is offensive to the feelings of the Japanese people at this moment. But here is what he said and I quote: 'I just split up with my girlfriend,but like the Japanese say, there'll be another one floating by any minute now'

    It like humour because i am quite cheeky too at some instances, but making fun out of an ongoing tragedy and grief is an ignominy. Sorry my friend i may just be too emotionally affected by his gestures.

    Thanks for your comments. Keep in touch