Tuesday, 15 March 2011


by Earlie Doriman
I did mention about Matthew’s impressive memory function at his age. Whilst he enjoys listening to music, he easily remembers the song and the singer. He loves the music of Justin Beiber and Bruno Mars and when he sings; it is always blended with a modest dancing and emulating facial expressions. His interests are wide and diverse, before going to bed; he demands a story from his Bible book.

Just recently, we introduced to him familiar names in politics. If you ask why politics of all the many other sensible topics, my honest answer would be: That is what he sees every time we watch news channels and he would constantly ask ‘Who is that’. So we sensed his enthusiasm to people. By now, he could easily say the names of the UK’s Prime Minister, President of the USA, President of Libya, Prime Minister of Japan, Deputy Prime Minister of UK, the President and Vice President of the Philippines.
We tried to ask him these names at random to find out if he only memorized them through sequential pattern, but excitingly he could answer correctly in however order we do it. We were so thrilled one time when his mummy asked him ‘Who is the President of the United States’ and he enquired back ‘ of America mum?’. That might not be an intelligent query but the fact that he is so particular at details is marvellous.

Matthew is full of energy, always lively, but not compulsive. He is a very thoughtful young lad. When he asks for some food like biscuits, he does not only ask for himself but also for his one-year old brother Thomas. To us parents, it is very touching and that simple concern means an overflowing inspiration. Being sensitive and emotionally intelligent is equally significant in life.

His advanced development was indicated when he was assessed at one. The NHS health visitor provided him various testing tools and toys, puzzle cards, different shaped and coloured blocks. He was tested on his capability to recognize parents and the attention he gives to instructions amazed the health worker. The assessment result made us truly proud because Matthew was well advanced in his age, 6 months advance to be exact.

Note: The third and last part will be posted next week.

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