Thursday, 24 March 2011


(photo from yahoo images)
by Earlie Doriman
Annoyed over unconstructive tweets stormed at his twitter account, the best pound for pound boxer of the world succumbed to his first knock out defeat in the hands of anonymous haters online. Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino pride, a credible politician, and the greatest sports hero of the Philippines, adored by millions of people around the world, was unfortunately beaten to shame by his own people with malicious messages and deleterious criticisms at the social network twitter.

It is so unimaginable that in spite of Pacman’s honour and credit given to the country, there are many mal-educated people who,out of envy and insecurity, enjoy maligning his reputation as if he had committed grave offence. Whilst it is a fact that Manny Pacquiao has weaknesses as a person, his political will is genuine and only aimed at helping his constituents and compatriots. Yet the barrage of belittling is absolutely uncalled for especially that Manny has done better than most of his colleagues in congress.

Manny is a story of inspiration, rising from poverty to wealth. But his fortune is not acquired by chance, he worked hard to get what he has. His investment is both sweat and blood to reach his unprecedented status in boxing. He sacrificed much and so the millions of dollars that go every time he risked his life and health punching around the ring is only the reward of the fortitude and hardships he has been through. Pacman is just like any ordinary citizen minus the millions. He has emotions, he gets angry, he gets annoyed and his patience has limits. He gets fed up just like anybody else when occasions call for it.

The irresponsible tweets he received every minute, criticizing his English and questioning his qualification to the congressional seat are more than enough to cause emotional explosion.

Firstly, English grammar is not essential in communicating political will. What is important is how to act upon and respond to the needs of his constituents and Manny Pacquiao though first-timer in the field is able to do that. After all, he has no intention to write a book. Realistically, the measure of true intelligence is not how to write grammatically correct sentences but how you have become productive and useful in the society. To Manny’s numerous faceless critics, has your correct grammar, in any way, brought glory and pride to the Philippines? Where has it take you at this moment?

Secondly, it is a complete shame to these critics who have nothing in life but bitterness. Manny Pacquiao is more sensitive and intelligent to understand his responsibility as a public servant than most of the good speakers and eloquent orators that the Philippines had in history. Thirdly, he is not amongst those politicians who only delay, argue endlessly, speak lengthily in sessions, yet at the end of the day have not done any valuable bill.

Lastly, the reason of his absence from congress at this time is every Filipino’s knowledge since millions of his countrymen are already looking forward to his fight against Mosley in May. For boxing fanatics, it is a fact more popular than the impeachment of Mercedita Gutierrez. So to tweet and ask why he was absent during the impeachment session was unnecessary.


  1. I saw him fight and he was incredible

  2. Take the Blame,

    He is a world champion in 8 divisions. And he is a very good man. His next fight will be in May this year against Shane Mosley.

    Thanks for dropping a comment here.

  3. Public figures have always served as scapegoats for the public's frustrations. It's sad people can't find more constructive ways to express their discontents.