Monday, 6 June 2011


by Earlie Doriman
The excited kids as they listen to the instructions
 (photo by Bopip Aparis)
The half term break from schoolwork gave me, my family, and close friends the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the excitement of a ‘not-so-usual’ activities within the week. There was a couple of parties, invitations to attend, and ample time to spend with my sons; Matthew and Thomas. Although the whole time was completely busy, it was honestly well worth the fun, the laughter, the chatting, the fellowship, and of course the food.

Matthew and Gaea looks so attentive
to the techniques of rock climbing
(photo by Bopip Aparis)
Rock Climbing at Rochdale’s the ‘CLIMB’ opened the June adventure. But don’t get me wrong, it was exclusively for the kids as our good friend’s eldest son Dominic Dale Aparis celebrated his birthday party in an eccentric fashion. With more than 15 of his close buddies attending, every single kid went fearless and overcame the challenge of simulated adventure.  Children as young as 2.5 years never showed any signs of fright as they climbed up and down the walls with only the aid of ropes, boulders, and bare hands.
(L-R : Angela, Sophie, Clarence, & Shane)
The kids were initially given instructions, asked to put on the necessary safety suits and guided accordingly throughout the rock climbing experience.
Matthew, Gaea, & the birthday boy
 Dale on the right (photos by Bopip)
The Top Rope and Climbing rooms were equipped with loads of colour-coded sections, which are definitely a treat to adventure-loving and brave kids. The facilities around are diverse and could technically cater to various ages and to both beginners and advanced climbers. It has a dedicated caving and/or ‘rope access training facility’ that my son Matthew tried too as he was curious enough to see other kids took turns and enjoying it. It has also a very challenging overhanging wall, 12 meters long and 4.5 meters of vertical height.
The kids really enjoyed the experience of rock climbing and went home talking about how good they were at it and outwitting each other’s story of success. 
The thrill as they waited for their turn 
I would definitely recommend the ‘CLIMB’, for it promotes to kids a different kind of physically and mentally stimulating activity. They learned independence and strong self esteem plus the fact that the sport fosters fitness and fun rolled into one made it more exciting. Moreover, the staff are very friendly, considerate and well trained. The Climb Rochdale has a very comprehensive training programme, with amenities of top quality.

Matthew pretending to know bicycle
As Rochdale continued to get pleasure from the great sunny days during the week, we could not help but took the kids up to a different level. I mean a different level of walking-this time around to the beautiful bulges of Syke and Wardle. 
The joy and excitement of hill walking
My son Thomas (1 year and 6 months). He was just too obsessed
to climb up and slide down the hill (photo by Bopip)
With us, were the same group of close friends and children, tugging along picnic mats, bottled water, food, pram, tent, and whatever there was to bring. It was a lovely day, so to speak, as the temperature has levelled up too, to between 20-24 degrees, which is an occasional blessing at the Pennine. The complementing colder wind was gentle enough to ease the bite of the rewarding sunlight, not to mention the comforting natural music from robins singing with glee because of our presence (I only hope so, or perhaps the robins were just complaining about the noise that distracted their convenience).
Children enjoyed climbing or crawling through the hillsides whilst parents and respective guardians tailed along to make sure their safety were not jeopardized.
Another unusually memorable afternoon not only for the kids but also for us parents.

Then after romancing with the gorgeous hills and lovely sunshine, we made our way down to Bachoco’s Place. ( we actually call it Bachoco’s Farm and Resort and there’s more than a hundred reasons why. The moniker’s legitimacy should be nobody’s envy and bitterness hehehehe,  as it truly defines the authentic heart and munificent soul of a genuine resort). As always, Bachoco’s world class cooking proficiency left us all in pure admiration, plus the  new ‘SHABU-SHABU’ wonder, truly provided us a sumptuous dinner.  Again, our heartfelt gratitude to the Bachoco Family.
More gatherings to come…See you there....!!!!
Kissy and Sophie (photos by Bopip)

Kyle and Thomas

Ate Hen and Matthew


  1. It looks like you and the kids (especially the kids), had a wonderful time!

    I love walking/hiking. The fresh air and exercise is great, and the picturesque views and the feeling of being in nature is even better:)

  2. Hi Heart,

    We all loved was really fun and a relief from the hard days work. The kids had a great time, and there was no substitute for the laughters.

    The fresh air and the beautiful sunshine were there to join us.

    Thanks Heart for the message.

  3. Hi Earlie,

    I've just awarded you the Sunshine Award for your insightful blog that's full of wonder. Congratulations!:) You can collect it at my latest post.

  4. That is very nice. My son loves climbing too. I like the way you spent with your kids and friends. Congratulation!

  5. Hi Lumi RO,

    Thanks for dropping by and for your kind message. Hope we could keep in touch much often.

    Thanks a lot again.