Tuesday, 1 June 2010


by Earlie Doriman

My former colleague and a good friend Hilda tweeted me a rather tougher challenge – BEAT MYSELF.  I presume she was referring to my diet which I honestly find very difficult to put a proper lookout. You see my gouty arthritis according to my GP is primarily associated to the kinds of food that I eat, and I swear that when it comes to my meals, I am a super stubborn fellow who care less about what not to eat, and undervalued how my doctor scare me regarding the implications of an unhealthy eating habit.

For two weeks during the Christmas holidays, I was in yawning anguish and was within pledged to fulfill my last year’s resolution and keep a tighter guard on my meals.  Conversely, clouds of doubt are just hovering around if I could truly be unfeigned by my kitchen revolution, because I know for a fact that many things are easier said than done. 
Probably, a week or two is tolerable, but beyond that period I seem to lose my sanity.  And if I were to choose, I’d rather have an arthritis than go crazy.  Sounds silly already, isn’t it? Yes, because I have fasted for meats in nearly two weeks now, but I don’t know how far could I endure.  What I mean to say is that it is honestly difficult to beat oneself in real situations.  True enough, Hilda gave me soft bang in my head to realize and consider being serious about discipline around the table. 
But why is it enormously thorny to change a habit, even if extreme consequences are impending? Like in my case, it appears really simple to avoid food that could trigger my gout, yet time and again I find myself submitting to irrationality. Beating oneself is indeed the hardest challenge one could win.  Nevertheless, I would persist to take a crack at defeating my weakness and thanks Hilda for the soft bang that allows me to hear the message loud and clear.

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