Wednesday, 5 May 2010


by Earlie Doriman

Not a very sensible topic though. Ughh, but be mindful that the smallest thing on earth has something worthwhile to converse about, or perhaps a bigger story to tell.  Albert Einstein’s genius has declared about the remarkable concept of Relativity which to my mind does clasp the relative nature of size and its significance. If we are to get possessed with science, we all end up wearing white long beards with uncombed and uncut hair, plus reading glasses so thick to break. But, I don’t think the immense mind of Galileo would invest his time arguing about the chicken or egg paradox. 
But you know what, some phony discussions make life brighter and free of pretence.
Like the undying chicken or egg wind-up, people still do find it a teaser. Similar to many other things in life and in this world, that have crowded our analytical giftedness to bits, the chicken or egg puzzle somehow consent us to think overwhelmingly without the pressure of being judged or wronged.  And putting aside those which are governed by the laws and theories of sciences like the Twin Paradox and the concept of time and space, the chicken or egg trick have captured us into digging reasonable, somewhat logical answers, or at least challenged most of us to express our educational opinions.  However superficial a puzzle is, it still excites one to find a convincing way of thinking.
The chicken or egg mystery has been around for ages, yet the arguments that arise from it continue to consume and amuse people including me. So which really came first, the EGG or the CHICKEN? Range of answers and reasons would surface from different frames of mind, beliefs, or viewpoints.

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Well, at the outset, there would be no chick without an egg successfully hatched, which would lead to the argument that there wouldn’t be any egg to hatch in the first place, without having first the chicken to lay it.  In principle, no exact and unrefuted resolution could be figured out and the dispute stays to hang around our heads waiting to be taken again for another protracted discussion.  It is in fact safe to stand by your reason because there are no wrong or correct answers to the problem.
As I have stressed early on, answers to this ambiguity are most of the time influenced by our beliefs and viewpoints – the reason why different people may provide diverse line of reasoning. Nevertheless, the purpose is to draw out a generally acceptable answer which might eventually convince others and sway what they previously clung to. The universal concept is that everything should begin from something like how the Big Bang theory explained the origin of the universe.  We do not tend to believe about the existence of one thing unless there are adequate explanation and facts to prove it.  The concept of God is another thing. So what possibly are the facts that could settle us with the chicken or egg problem?
To many who adhere in Darwin’s theory of evolution, answer could be traced thousands of years back and follow how a particular living thing has evolved into another type, maybe a certain kind of bird which eventually become to what we know now as chicken. The chicken family tree, through its ancestors proved that it came from an egg that was in turn laid by a chicken. But 10,000 years back, it was known that the wild ancestors of the modern chicken are the jungle fowls of Southeast Asia which means that before that timeline, the earlier ancestors were not actually chicken.  Did Darwin mention about discovered fossils associated with chicken or its earlier kind in his book “The Origin of Species”? Anyway, his theory is not only under the disagreement by the faithful Christians, but is also being questioned by popular scientists. But if indeed, chicken is a product of evolution, has it originally popped out as an egg? If not, then chicken came first than the egg.
My philosophy is not on evolution, but on Creation.  How could this resolve the chicken or egg puzzle? This may sound very straightforward, but the biblical account is very clear that God created man, not a baby Adam, and he created birds and animals, which I believe include chickens. The book of Genesis did not express nor imply in any manner about eggs in the creation. Did I say eggs? Eggs are never mentioned in the bible. In other words, chicken came first.  Do you agree? I don’t intend to persuade you, you may have your own reason. HAVE A VERY NICE CHICKEN DAY TO ALL.

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