Tuesday, 26 April 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Thomas (on the left) and Matthew (on the right).
They both caught Chickenpox but are better now.
Thomas suffered blister infection and the traces of his
chickenpox are still obvious in this photo.
There is no happiest moment in a father’s life than to see his children growing, happy, content, and full of love.  My two sons provide a different kind of bliss and inspiration to my life. They make my existence more colourful and they added an exceptional meaning to fatherhood. That is why when something goes wrong with them, there is equally no immediate space to contain the worry that I could feel. As I have shared in my older post ‘Chickenpox and Intravenous Cannulation’, my wife and I went through a couple of horrendous weeks when they caught the chickenpox virus, one after another, which was made worst when my youngest son Thomas was eventually rushed to the hospital and stayed for four long days due to complications.
Their obsession of sunglasses never
discriminate the time of the day. 
But, thanks God they are both well although the traces of the crusted blisters are still visible in my little Thomas’ innocent face, at least they conquered the ordeal, actually we conquered the situation together. Their mum was most pleased and relieved that her two angels are back to their old selves again. God truly knows when things are destined to happen, and He wants them to happen at the right time. Thomas’ illness happened at the start of the Easter holidays, which means I am free to look after him since it is my school break and my wife had her annual leave from work. Simple miracles that deserve heartfelt acknowledgement.

Thomas Miguel, 17 months old.
A photo taken on Easter Sunday.
Their mum, being a nurse has a considerably unusual timetable. Sometimes she works very early in the morning and sometimes late in the day. There are even times that she has to work at night shift. Since the medical unit she serves with, operates round the clock, the staffs have to do round shifts too. These are the times when I have to look after my two sons alone at night, and send them to bed by myself.  We don’t have any house assistant, we do have a childminder few times in a week but that is only when managing our time is technically impossible.  To other fathers like me, they should know the many routines to do before sending the kids to bed: prepare their dinner, make sure to give them a wash, brush their teeth, change them to their sleeping clothes, put warm water to their milk bottles and see to it there is enough for the two hungry querubims, and many others.
Matthew Earl, 2 years 6 months.
Photo taken today April 26, 2011
at Manchester's
Trafford Center.Thomas was
 not allowed
 at the carousel
Thomas just enjoyed
watching his big bother's
carousel ride.
Normally, my eldest son Matthew who is now 2 years 6 months sleeps in his own room whilst Thomas who is 17 months stays with us. But at times when my wife is at night shift, Matthew and Thomas stay with me in the same room. It appears uncomplicated and it really is by the way. Sleeping with two angels provides a night of great sanctuary and comfort. Not until midnight or so when one of them or both start to ask for more milk or perhaps being awaken by the discomfort of a wet nappy or a dirty one. With eyes half open-half close and spirit half awake-half asleep, I could guide myself to the nappy box or to the bottle tray, grab what they demand and possibly continue my sound sleep with my two cherubs. It is not easy to send the two back to bed but I only tried the best I can. So far, it’s been a success and I know that I am not alone, someone is always there too. God gives these angels to us and I believe He looks after them when I am asleep.

Matthew with Daddy 


  1. What a beautiful post! I am sure you must have been so worried when your two dear little ones got sick, but I am glad to hear they are doing better now.
    I loved the photos :) Such beautiful children. You have been blessed with a wonderful family, and a deep love for them.
    Thank you for sharing this post

  2. What lovely children! Sorry to hear they went through such an ordeal, but am glad they're over the worst. There's no worse feeling than watching your children suffer, and realizing there's very little you can do to help them. Just be comforting, patient and wait.

  3. I'm proud to see the children playing and you see it is you, it is yours, you made them. Nice post!

  4. Hi stevie,

    Thanks a lot for message.There is truly great joy to see your own self in your children and of course greater joy that they are all right. Very happy indeed to see them dashing around again, shouting and laughing again..Thanks

  5. Hi nothingprofound,

    Maraming Salamat (Thank you very much). So relieving indeed that they got over it now. Yes it is true how painful and annoying too that you could only do a little help for their comfort. But we are very happy now that is is over. Thanks my friend for your time. I appreciate it honestly.

  6. Hi Healingleaf,

    Thanks for your message, like your profile name, God is the healing leaf who never abandoned us in those weeks of struggle. We were very worried indeed but we are so relieved now. Thanks for your kind words. Keep in touch

  7. Earlied, May God bless your family. So nice to read about the kids and a caring father. I loved the photos we have some colleagues from Philippine here in Saudi Arabia. I am impressed by their peaceful nature.

    I am not married yet but really love to see families move around with their flowers, their kids.

    Best Wishes

  8. Hi eyewitness,

    Thank you for reading my posts and adding comments too. I appreciate it very much. Yes, there are many Filipinos working in Middles East particularly in Saudi Arabia. Life in the Philippines is not really pleasing to all. Politicians have stripped my countrymen a life of prosperity and happiness being with their family and relatives. To make a better living, people opted to work abroad and save. Like what we do here in England, we work and save but our end purpose is to go back to our beloved country. There is no place like home, and workers like us are so thankful that other countries too welcome us like their very own. Thanks again and extend my greetings to my fellow Filipinos there.

  9. Hi, it was very nice reading your post. --That your children are well, about your love for your family and God. -- best wishes to you