Sunday, 24 April 2011


by Earlie Doriman
It surely sounds strange but when Prince William and Catherine Middleton get married on the 29th of April 2011 there will be no ceremonial kiss to witness. The future king of England will be deprived of the altar kiss as the serious protocol of the Church of England (CoE) prohibits such display of wedding practice. It is even forbidden inside Westminster Abbey, the venue of the Royal wedding.
But guests and excited fans and supporters will not be completely disappointed because accordingly, William and Kate will share that first couple kiss at the balcony of the Buckingham Palace after the church ceremonies. The ‘balcony kiss’ as it is called now by the royal historians has become a particular event to look forward to, which was made famous during the wedding of  Princess Diana and Prince Charles, William’s parents back in 1981.

Understandably, members of the royal family consider kissing a very serious business and doing it must only be in the most appropriate place and situations. Like how Prince Charles was denied of the ‘church kiss’ during his time, his son has to wait and content himself absorbing the solemn vows of  married life. Keeping this tradition of the Church of England and of the Royal family only needs utmost deference from critics and observers.

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