Saturday, 6 August 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Children who enjoyed so much
of the face painting session with Anna Richings
What a day to keep in mind. Bursting with fun, games, prizes, food, fellowship, and memories. The Rochdale Filipino Anglo Community’s (RFAC) summer family day provided a significant experience and fun-filled activities at St Patrick’s School. Filipino families in Rochdale, England as well as many invited friends enjoyed a get together to commence the school holidays with a summer fiesta and indoor games. Together with their respective parents, the kids took delight by playing various Filipino games and enjoyed the company of other kids after a long school term that ended late last month. 
Spearheaded by the hardworking officers of RFAC, the main objective of the event was to continue uniting Filipino families and allow their children to appreciate Filipino culture and values through sports and friendly games. It was a huge success and everybody went home with a grateful smile and content heart, and hoping that activities like this could continuously inspire Filipino families to feel at home in spite of the distance from the home country. Our sincere thanks to the officers who shared their time and resources to make the event a memorable one. 

Filipino children having so much fun and excitement
executing the mechanics of Statue Dance

Wendy, Cheska, and Jienne, apparently discussing
their strategy during the Children's Tug-of-War Event

To everyone's amusement and anticipation, the energy
that the Sack Race required means a lot to these kids
hopping and jumping with a sack on

Showing off their painted faces, the children
have enjoyed a lot wearing their favourite design

Planting Rice is never fun but when the kids simulate
it in a game, it becomes a different source of joy.

Guess what? I think they were just overwhelmed
as they claimed the prizes for the respective game they won

Anna Richings (seated), the face painting expert and one of her
models Daryll
Ooppss....Vicky Pidiswyji wanted to try face painting too...

Let the cameraman decides the right angle...
and everybody wanted to find that right spot..

Active members of the the Rochdale Filipino
Anglo Community (RFAC) during the posterity photo 

The children who were simply having the
best time  at the Family Day

Face painting models. Front ( Matthew, Christian, and Gaea)
Back ( Wendy and Julian)


  1. Earlie, I love these photos! it looks like such a fun event, and everyone was having a good time.
    What a blessing to be able to make these memories with those precious children!
    Sending lots of love ~HL

  2. Healingleaf, it was indeed full of fun and excitement. Kids and parents alike enjoyed the day-long activity. It was inspiring and we do this every summer here...

    Thanks for your time my friend..God bless