Friday, 22 July 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Gloria Arroyo, Former President
of the Philippines
When picking over the causes why the Philippines remains a poor country, I could not help but point my finger to the corrupt government officials and politicians who greedily enrich themselves and shamelessly rob the ordinary Filipino every opportunity to prosper. One of them is the former president Gloria Arroyo. Watching the headlines of the local news these days, it is very rare to hear inspiring stories that provide us a glimmer of hope that one day our nation gets back the glory it once had. Instead, you would end up being upset and dismayed by issues of corruption unearthed in almost all government agencies – the magnitude of deception perpetrated by our supposed-to-be honest leaders could simply pop your eyes out due to utter abhorrence.

The Death of EDSA
1986 EDSA Revolution ousted Ferdinand Marcos
from Malacanang Palace
The promise of optimism rippling through the EDSA Revolution in 1986 has slowly but painfully shrinking to oblivion and despair. Most Filipinos are deeply frustrated upon resurfacing revelations of fraud and dishonesty pulled off by the Arroyo administration. Alleged misappropriation and out of place spending by her government made the Philippines during her term dried out of budget. Ironically, her family’s assets have widened and swelled tremendously over her term, with million dollars worth of vacation mansion and buildings in the US, to mention a few. 

The Arroyo Curse
The 'HELLO GARCI' controversy stained
the results of the 2004 elections
Whilst she obviously starved for political power, she never had the decency to just stop her hunger for corruption, instead continued her selfish interests by running as a congresswoman in the 2nd District of Pampanga, after a long nine-year presidency. What a shame! Has she not gotten enough from the Filipino taxpayers? To the eyes of the world, she is a perfect example of a voracious leader, her appetite for power is insatiable and she is not worthy of any admiration. What has she done best? The 'HELLO GARCI' episodes?  She rigged the election results in 2004 by conniving with COMELEC officials, and she protected clans of equally corrupt and dishonest politicians like the Ampatuans, only to serve herself and her family until 2010 and left Malacanang in a more miserable condition.

She Bribed the Church
The bishops who benefit the PCSO fund misuse
appeared in court to answer questions
It was likewise disappointing to know that few church leaders have succumbed to the evil motives of Mrs Arroyo. It does not mean the accused Bishops are free from blame for they should have been more astute and discerning when confronted with temptations. But their vulnerability was practically exploited by Gloria Arroyo so she could guarantee gratitude and loyalty from many church leaders who are not truly cautious and wary from the influence of evils around them. How many millions of funds from PCSO which remained unaccounted for and how many millions of these monies had she used to finance her election campaigns? How did she use the 550 million funds intended for the welfare of OFW’s? What about the Jose Pidal account? The fertilizer scam? The Z-TEC deal? It would be very immaterial now because she has already robbed the country of its resources. Evidently she is so intelligent to deceive Filipino people yet in a subtly expert manner.

The Ampatuan Joke
One of the Arroyo properties in the US
Now that her Ampatuan pawns are in the cold bars of prison, she becomes so reserved and silent about their situation. She has apparently forgotten that they were once having the best love affair in cheating the election results in Maguindanao and her command was the ultimate outcome to put her through the Malacanang Palace the second time. She is a perfect player of denial that when things go wrong, she could easily go to another side of the platform, wash her hands and appear upright over her tainted repute. She suddenly played deaf and blind over Zaldy Ampatuan's disclosure.Now the Ampatuans have become a joke of their own testimonies, but at least the Filipinos know that she indeed faked her win in 2004 presidential elections.

Arroyo at the SONA
Gloria Arroyo captured on TV as she asked an apology
about the 'HELLO GARCI' scandal in 2004
She used to do the State of the Nation Address where she has the chance to brag about her achievements and tell the entire Philippines how brilliant she is as the highest leader of the land. It used to be her, surrounded by her family who are equally corrupt and deceitful. It used to be her opportunity to collect the applause from her allies who are as well masquerading with lies and dishonesty. It used to be her day, wearing a false smile and stood tall on top of the podium. For nine years, she thought she was upright and glorious, she thought she was decent and splendid. For nine years, she enjoyed the benefits of her dishonesty and in that time she made the Philippines so unfortunate.
Yes she will still be at the SONA of the Aquino leadership. Her name will surely be called upon to the ears of the public attending, but only to remind how bad the country has been during her term and how bad the legacy she left for the Filipinos to forget. 


  1. There are more of them in the country who should all go to jail for plunder and corruption, but the justice system is obviously one-sided, unfair, confusing, shameful.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes it is true and most of them appeared to be saints. If only they could honestly serve and make use of the taxpayers money appropriately, then our country could have slowly recovered. Yet that is not the picture. Tsk Tsk.