Wednesday, 20 July 2011


by Earlie Doriman
My high school alma mater, Cor Jesu
Davao, Philippines
Honestly, I miss the fun and the recollection of both good and not-so-good experiences of my high school life as my former classmates and friends poured out every single memory they kept in two decades and celebrated the batch 1991 reunion recently. Many would agree that the best experiences in life as a student were all converged and piled up in high school days, when each of us began to explore our special individualities, the flourishing of our youth that entailed so much, and when we all gradually understood a deeper passion for life.

Tree Planting Project: My classmates
are on for environmental cause 
There are numerous reasons to make our high school years so unforgettable. But most significantly, the solidarity which we slowly build in four years remains unfaltering, albeit the passing of years have caused constant changes in our respective lives and careers, we stay close and interconnected in thoughts and dreams.
Regrettably, I was left to only imagine the laughter and the never ending stories of my high school classmates who were once a part of my growing-up years and will always be a significant piece of my life. I am certain too that I have become an ingredient of their yester-years and will always be a part of their existence – whether they like it or not.
After 20 years, the smiles and faces which  never aged.
(L - R): Shirley Anne, Mary Jean, Grace, and Paul
I am very pleased though that my classmates particularly Shirley Anne, Rechie, Kathy, and Weny uploaded many of the photos, captured candidly, as they reminisced and exchanged accounts of the personal journeys that each of them was more than willing to share. I am equally thankful how these pictures helped me get over the wistfulness of the high school events and my beloved alma mater that we left behind but never forgotten. It is so lovely to be inspired seeing the same sincere smiles and friendship which we temporarily bade goodbye some 20 years back. It is indeed amazing how time swiftly flies and to realize that after 20 years our high school life remains one of the best episodes that we could never forget in this lifetime.
Looking back to where we laid out the foundation of our aspiration and celebrating what we have become now, we can proudly say that yes, our lives build strongly the realization of our youthful dreams. The pain to say goodbye as we searched and did our obligation, as members of a bigger community was not a bitter pill after all.  It is completely worth the time, and we all deserve the rewards of our sacrifices.

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