Monday, 27 June 2011


by Earlie Doriman
Pearl Farm Resort
one of the gorgeous beaches in
Davao City, Philippines
When I am very busy and preoccupied, my imagination just naturally explored back the memories of my home country and would feel deeply lonely and homesick. If I find a little space to breath between the hectic course of the day, I could only sigh and wish I am on my way home to see the inspiring smiles of my siblings and the warm embrace of my parents whom I have not seen for more than two years. I miss them a lot and it is honestly tough. These emotions are generally injected into the poem of overflowing longing of a country, a home, and a promise.

Far From Home

Across borders and miles
Deep seas and vast skies
Uncertain journey commenced
In the land of queens and princes

Every day is yet a new single world
Although the eyes are open wide
Blinding darkness consumes the light
Missing home just so painful, the new place so unkind

People around seem lazy and uncomforting
The burden so heavy, struggles tail along
Pouring heartaches of remembering home
The good times were gone, and friends have flown

My home I know is not this land
Scene of life not pure as mine
The streets are full yet hearts are empty
The crowd so many but never happy

In my home I miss the laughter and smiles
Abode of simple life so genuine and kind
Innocent cries of the young are like angels singing
Like the white clouds chasing wind, soft and tender

I miss my home, I miss the pristine
The family so loving and endless embracing
I miss my home, I miss the simple life
The country I love, the best place I have.


  1. Your poem touched my heart. I can hear your homesickness and I reach out to you to offer a cyber hug. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing ijn your blog. I'm honored to be a reader.

    P.S. I tweeted this too.

  2. HI timethief,

    Thanks a lot and I am very happy that somewhere out there someone understands the longing of a genuine home.
    Thanks also for tweeting this.You help my day.

  3. Earlie, this is really moving! I can totally relate, because I have also not been home for about 2 years, and I miss the beauty of my country and the love and nearness of my family.

    Thank you for sharing this, it is beautifully written and inspiring!

  4. Your poem is heartfelt and moving. I hope you will be able to see your family and hometown soon.

  5. Hi Healingleaf,

    So sorry to read your comment too late..was really busy the past days and i could not even have enough time to check messages at my inbox...i miss to upload new articles and my hectic work is eating all my time..

    Thaank for your message and i appreciate it truly that in spite of my invisibility in the blogosphere to continue to visit my site..

  6. Hi sharifah,

    Thanks a lot for appreciating my is one of those overflowing emotions of homesickness and your message has, in its little own way, helped me get over the nostalgia.

    Thanks again